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Pairing: Sakumoto

Rating: This chapter PG

Genre: m-preg, romance, au

Disclaimer: This is entirely fiction, and couldn’t exist anywhere else but in my head.

Summary: Sakurai Sho has always achieved everything he's ever wanted in his successful business life. Why is it so different in his personal life? Sho has no idea that anything is even wrong with his marriage until he comes home one night and finds his young husband gone. Will he be able to find Jun and make things right between them again?

Previously: CH 1, CH 2CH 3, CH 4, CH 5, CH 6, CH 7

“I don’t want to go home. Can't we just stay here?" Jun sighed.

“Sorry baby, I’ve already extended our trip by one week. As much as I love being here with you and our little one, it’s time for us to go back to reality,” Sho replied, kissing Jun’s bare belly tenderly.

In the three weeks that they’d been in Hawaii Jun’s baby bump had grown considerably and so had his appetite; for both food and for Sho. Now that his morning sickness had finally almost completely abated and his body was overflowing with excess hormones Jun had become insatiable.

Jun sighed and stroked Sho’s cock possessively, working him back to full hardness although they had only made love just before leaving for dinner. Upon their return Sho had taken his chances while Jun was in the bathroom, attempting to change into his pyjamas and hoping for at least a little sleep before their early flight when Jun pounced.

There were many things that Sho could resist, but the sight of his husband sashaying towards him completely naked and with skin softly scented and damp from his bath was not one of them. Now it was all too late as Jun made quick work of removing his pyjama top as well.

“I have no idea why I even find you sexy at the moment,” complained Jun as he tossed the camouflage patterned clothing as far away from his sight as possible. “Where and why do you even buy these things?”

“Because they’re comfortable,” Sho replied with not even the faintest trace of regret.

“Hummf,” Jun grumped before kneeling down and taking his husband’s cock into his mouth. Not even ugly pyjamas could deter him from his mission.


On their last evening they walked along the beach holding hands and watching the sun set over the ocean making the water look like liquid fire.

Sho suddenly tugged Jun's hand, pulling him over to sit on a fallen tree facing the spectacular view.

"Why are we stopping? I was enjoying the walk," Jun complained, eager to enjoy every last moment of their holiday to the fullest.

"I wanted to give you this," Sho said, pulling a soft burgundy velvet pouch from his pocket. "I want you to remember this holiday and how much I love you whenever you look at this."

As he spoke Sho pulled out a gold wire bracelet and slid it over Jun's hand. It was set with a black pearl that freely slid around it like a charm.

Jun looked at it with awe, turning his wrist to make the pearl slide around the twisted gold. "It's beautiful," he breathed.

"Not as beautiful as you," Sho said as he kissed Jun's brow and stroked his softly swollen belly.

"I love you," Jun said as he leant against Sho's side with a sigh of pure contentment as the sky changed from orange to deep red.

"I love you too, my Beauty," Sho said as he wrapped his arms around Jun's waist.

No further words were needed as they sat there until the stars came out and a shining moon rose over the sea to light their way back to their villa.


Aiba squeaked with excitement as Sho and Jun came through the door of the bakery, Jun looking the picture of health and Sho struggling beneath an armful of gift bags.

"Juuun!" Aiba cried holding out his arms for a hug only to be pushed to one side as Jun made a beeline towards the guest bathroom which was closest.

"Sorry, but he's kind of in a hurry," Sho said as he dumped the shopping down on the table. "But at least he isn't throwing up much anymore. I can't vouch for his temper though."

"He looks like the holiday really agreed with him," Aiba replied. "Has he been eating properly? He needs as many vitamins as possible."

"Do you lot never have anything else to talk about?" Jun said suddenly from behind them, making Sho, Aiba, Nino and Ohno who had just emerged from the kitchen and had joined the discussion about him, jump in fright.

"Sorry Jun-kun, we were just concerned about you," Ohno said, backing away slightly at the narrow-eyed glare Jun was directing at them all.

Aiba ignored the glare and grabbed Jun anyway, dragging him towards him and squeezing him tightly before pulling away and looking at Jun with surprise.

"You have a bump!" Aiba shrieked excitedly.

Jun blushed and smoothed his shirt down over his belly, "It kind of popped out overnight about a week ago."

Aiba immediately stuck out his hands and laid them on Jun's belly, only to have them slapped away by Nino. "Hands off. You can't just grope a person like that," he said. Ohno nodded in agreement, immediately backing Nino up earning them a knowing look from Jun.

Aiba was looking abashed until Jun hastened to reassure him that he really didn't mind him touching his belly.

Ohno said happily, "I missed my best employee. I'm so glad that you're back."

"But I thought that I was your best employee?" Aiba asked; earning himself an eye roll from his employer.

“You eat half of my profits whenever you’re here,” Ohno complained jokingly.

“I am your best taste tester,” Aiba protested.

“You call it taste testing. I call it stealing,” Nino said with a glare.

“Um, do you lot want your presents now or should I just hand them out to the next customers who walk through the door?” Jun asked teasingly.

“Presents?” Aiba squeaked, looking at Jun with puppy eyes.

Jun laughed and began to rummage around in the bags. “Ohno-san, this is for you,” he said as he handed over a rectangular box.

Ohno’s eyes became round when he opened it. “Fishing lures? Handmade fishing lures? A dozen of them? For that I owe the pair of you free coffee and cakes for life.”

Sho’s eyes immediately lit up at the offer earning himself a glare from Jun. It seemed as if Sho was determined to have a belly almost as large as Jun’s with the amount of food he had eaten on their holiday.

“Nino. A small thank you for always looking after my husband,” Jun said as he pulled out the largest package of all.

“A new coin bank?” Nino ran his hands admiringly over the tiki shaped container, while trying to calculate how many 500 yen coins it might hold.

“And finally for Aiba, my best friend,” Jun said pulling out a soft package. “I must apologise in advance, because one day I was feeling a bit tired and Sho went shopping by himself and this is the result.”

But Jun had nothing to be worried about as Aiba eagerly ripped open the package to reveal a stack of garishly coloured souvenir T-shirts and a couple of insanely floral Hawaiian shirts as well. He held them up in front of himself while declaring them to be absolutely perfect.

“I bought you this as well,” Jun added as he held out a tiny extra package.

Aiba exclaimed in happiness as he stroked the beautiful shell necklace with the tip of his fingers. They were smooth and cool to the touch and when he tried it on it was a perfect fit.

He immediately leapt over and gave Jun another crushing hug. Jun took the opportunity to whisper in his ear, “Thank you for caring for me when I was so at a loss. You saved me.”

Aiba acknowledged Jun’s words with an extra squeeze before Sho came over to pry him off his by now completely breathless best friend.

“And we would like to invite you all to dinner tonight if you are available?” Sho asked as he wrapped his arms around Jun’s waist and pulled him a safe distance away from a slightly tearful Aiba.

“We’d love to,” Nino said, automatically answering for Ohno as well. He blushed a fiery red as he realized his mistake, but everyone except Jun was too distracted by Aiba trying on three shirts as once to notice what he’d just done.

“I will be finished here at six,” Aiba said, his voice muffled as he tried to drag the three shirts off over his head at the same time.

“Seven o’clock then?” Sho asked, adding that he would text everyone with the restaurant details.

But at the moment his main priority was to get Jun back to their apartment and make sure that he was well rested after their long flight and drive back from Tokyo. If he had his way they wouldn’t have visited the bakery first, but he was quickly learning the Jun that he had reconciled with was more than capable of getting his own way rather than just blindly following Sho’s instructions.


Sho tugged a complaining Jun into the bedroom, and pushed him down onto the bed. “If you nap for an hour you will still have time to get ready to go to dinner with the others.”

“But I’m not tired,” Jun complained. “Perhaps you should come over here and make me tired,” he added with a mockingly sexy eyebrow wiggle.

“You just got off a long flight,” Sho argued.

“It’s not like I was the one doing the actual flying and I slept on the plane,” Jun said as he began to slowly unbutton his shirt.

“Sleep,” Sho said firmly. It was taking every last scrap of willpower to resist the lure of a half-naked Jun sprawled across the bed. “I’ll wake you up when it’s time to shower.”

“Fine,” Jun sighed before settling down amongst the pillows.


Jun had insisted that Sho joining him in the shower would save them some time. Sho had accidentally dozed off on the sofa and had failed to wake Jun when he was supposed to. Seeing that they were running late Sho had warily agreed to Jun’s suggestion, worried that Jun would try to seduce him.

In fact it hadn’t been Jun who made the first move when they were standing together under the warm running water, but Sho.

The sight of the muscles in Jun’s back working under the skin as he twisted and turned, rubbing the gel over his body had caused Sho’s dick to show an immediate interest. It was definitely all his twitching member’s idea to take the sponge from Jun’s hand and use his own hand instead to work the sweetly scented foam into Jun’s smooth skin.

Jun leaned bonelessly back against Sho chest as he felt his muscles give way to Sho's strong fingers. The feeling of Jun's firm buttocks rubbing up against his half-hard cock made Sho want so much more.

He nibbled his way up the side of Jun's neck as he reached around and stroked Jun's belly before taking his cock into his hand, using the shower gel to help his fingers to slide easily over the swelling flesh.

Slicking the fingers on his other hand Sho began the task of gently easing Jun's body open, a small groan slipping from his lips as Jun clenched around his finger.

"Yesss, just there," Jun hissed as Sho's finger found the exact spot.

Jun braced his hands against the wall of the shower as he pressed back against Sho's fingers as he slowly stretched him open until he had three fingers sliding in and out, fucking him with his hand as he continued to pump his cock at the same time.

"Inside me, now," Jun ordered, trapping Sho's heated member between his buttocks after Sho finally removed his fingers.

Sho was happy to oblige, steadily working his way in as Jun gasped and pressed back against him, impatiently taking him all the way in without pause.

“Harder,” Jun moaned, his hands scrabbling for purchase on the wet tiles as Sho thrust into him from behind.

Sho was finding this newly assertive Jun to be incredibly arousing so he was more than willing to comply. He began to pump into Jun at a fast pace, pushing him forwards with each snap of his hips, until Jun was doubled over, pressing the top of his head against the tiles.

Feeling Jun's legs begin to tremble and lose strength, Sho wrapped one arm around his chest pulling him back upright, holding him flush against him as he continued to stroke his cock with his free hand.

"Sho I'm close," Jun gasped, his whole body vibrating with pent up energy as his orgasm neared.

"Me too, my love, you make me lose control," Sho said as he fucked into his husband frenziedly, continuing to thrust even as he filled him with spurts of cum.

Jun cried out as painted the tiles with his own release, only able to remain upright because of Sho's firm grip on his body.

Sho hastily rinsed them both off and helped Jun out of the shower, taking care that he didn't slip on the wet tiles since his legs were still quite wobbly. Jun protested weakly as Sho towelled him down, for once too relaxed and shaky to argue about being treated like an invalid.


Sho had chosen an Italian meal for the celebration. Jun had recently developed cravings for all things tomato and according to the reviews this particular place did the perfect Napoli pasta.

Of course Jun made more than one trip to the bathroom and while he was there for the second time Nino came in to wash some sauce off his sleeve which had been flicked there by an over enthusiastic gesture from Aiba.

Jun was standing in front of the washbasin, facing the mirror on the wall behind it with a most peculiar expression on his face. His right hand was pressed to his belly and his left clutched the edge of the basin as if for support.

"Jun-san, is every okay? Do you want me to fetch Sakurai-san for you?" Nino asked with concern.

Jun seemed to come out of a daze as he realized that he was no longer alone. "Oh, Nino, sorry I didn't hear you come in. I guess I was too preoccupied."

"You were holding your stomach, are you unwell?"

Jun laughed, "Quite the opposite in fact. During the flight home I started to feel the baby move for the first time. As you can probably guess Sho completely freaked out when I told him. The poor cabin crew had to bring him a brandy to calm him down."

Nino could easily imagine Sho and his reaction. "He does tend to overreact sometimes. You should have seen him when they swapped over the vending machine at work for one that only stocked fruit."

"It's such a new strange feeling that I can't help sort of spacing out when it happens," Jun added, looking slightly embarrassed. "It's a relief to know that our baby is healthy after such a worrying start."

"Ohno-san was worried that he was working you too hard and that it was his fault that you had to have bed rest for that week," Nino said.

"Ohno-san? I thought you were on a first name basis?" Jun teased as he used some hand soap to try and remove the spots from Nino's sleeve.

Nino blushed deeply, the tips of his ears turning a fiery red. "I'm trying to keep it on the quiet. If Aiba finds out..."

"I understand. Aiba is my best friend and I love him to death, but sometimes his enthusiasm can be a little overwhelming if you aren't used to it," Jun agreed with a fond smile.

"You're lucky to have him," Nino agreed. "And I guess if he knew about Satoshi and I he might be able to give me some inside information."

"He could be a good friend to you too, if you just give him the chance," Jun said as he dabbed Nino's sleeve dry.

The man in question burst into the room a moment later, "Is everything okay in here? Sho-san is going to have a heart attack if you're in here much longer."

Jun and Nino attempted to leave but Aiba blocked the doorway examining Jun with a critical eye, “So what aren’t you telling me?”

There was no way for Jun to escape; Aiba had been his friend for so long that if he even merely thought about not telling the truth he was instantly caught.

“I can feel the baby move,” Jun said bracing himself for excitement as Nino prepared to form a protective barrier if necessary.

Instead Aiba sagged against the wash basin with considerable relief. “That means that all is well with the baby and your pregnancy. I was getting a little worried that you hadn’t felt any movement yet as you are almost eighteen weeks, but every pregnancy is different.”

Nino looked at Aiba with a new respect; sometimes it was all too easy to forget that the good natured part time bakery assistant was actually going to be a nurse someday.

“So while I’ve got you here Nino, what’s up with you and Ohno-san?” Aiba said. Now that he was satisfied that Jun was fine, he was keen to move on to his next target.

“Um, nothing.” Nino couldn’t believe that his usually sharp tongue deserted him at the very mention of Ohno’s name.

“It’s totally more than nothing,” Jun said deciding to take Nino's decision to let Aiba in on his relationship in hand. “He even went fishing with ‘Satoshi’,” he added to Aiba as if Nino wasn’t standing right in front of them.

“Satoshi? Oooooooh!” Aiba said to Jun. “They are totally doing it…”

“It’s not like that at all. I just wanted to try something new…” Nino said.

Someone new, don’t you mean?” Aiba said.

“Will you two shut up already?” Nino said as he squirmed with embarrassment.

Nino, who had just realised that he told his boss’s husband to shut up suddenly paled, “Sorry Jun-san, I didn’t mean to tell you to shut up and I hope I haven’t offended you.”

“Yes you did mean it, and I absolutely deserved it,” Jun said with a laugh. “And I will only be offended if you keep calling me Jun-san instead of just Jun.”

Any further talk was cut off by Sho thrusting his head around the door with an angry expression on his face. “Would you like me to get the waiter to move the table in here as well before the food gets any colder?” he asked sarcastically.

“We’re just coming Sakurai-san,” Nino replied soothingly, used to his boss’s moods. “I was just cleaning my shirt.”

“And I was just apologising for dirtying it in the first place,” Aiba added cheerfully.

“And I was just peeing, as usual, which is technically your fault, so you only have yourself to blame,” Jun said as he ran his hand over his small baby bump.

Completely outnumbered Sho made a hasty retreat. His annoyance had evaporated at the sight of Jun looking so happy. It was such a direct contrast to his pinched appearance over the last few months that they had spent living in Tokyo together, he only hoped that it would last.


“I think that we need to redecorate,” Jun said out of the blue when they were in bed almost three weeks later.

Sho was almost asleep, but he managed to rouse himself enough to answer, “But the apartments are brand new. Why would we need to change anything?”

“Because there is no homely feeling in this building,” Jun said. “The colours are too cold.”

“But they were designed by one of the top design firms in Tokyo,” Sho protested.

“If they are so wonderful, exactly how many of them have been occupied so far?” Jun argued.

“I’m not exactly sure…” Sho replied, angry that Jun was questioning Sakurai Industries and indirectly, himself.

“I think that if you do some research you’ll find that I’m right. But apart from that I need to think about decorations for the nursery,” Jun said.

Sho sat up and looked at Jun in confusion, wondering how to word things. “But we will probably have to return to Tokyo soon.”


“My father allowed me to come here because of the problems with your pregnancy, but now that you are fine he will expect us to return.”

“Sho, you’re nearly thirty years old and you still allow your father to order you around?”

“He is also my boss,” Sho argued.

“Well, he’s certainly not mine. You can go back to Tokyo whenever you want, but I will be staying here where I have friends and a job.”

“But baby…” Sho said wrapping his arms around Jun, unwisely putting his emotional outburst down to pregnancy hormones.

“Don’t ‘Baby’ me. As far as I am concerned the only baby around here is the one that I’m carrying and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that he or she is happy. And I am quite sure that can’t happen with your parents controlling every aspect of our lives.”

Jun shrugged off Sho’s hands and dashed towards the bathroom slamming the door and firmly locking it behind him. In the heat of the moment forgetting his promise to talk problems through rather than just running away from them.

Sho was left standing staring at the locked door listening to Jun attempting to muffle his sobs on the other side, completely stunned by what had just happened and at a complete loss as to what to do next.

"Jun! Open the door! We need to talk about this," Sho called, banging loudly on the locked door, which only increased the volume of Jun's crying.

Cursing himself for his stupidity and for obviously frightening Jun with his sudden outburst Sho tried a softer approach. "Sweetheart, I will go and wait for you in the living room and when you are feeling more sensible we can talk."

"I am being sensible," Jun yelled from the other side of the door. "It's you who is being unreasonable."

"Is it wrong to be respectful of my parents and everything they've done for us? I love them too you know, just as they love both of us."

"Well I'm glad that they love you because right at this moment I don't," Jun screamed, opening the door a crack and throwing the pearl bracelet with force at Sho's head.

Sho managed to catch it before it hit the floor and broke. He clutched it tightly in his hand and slowly made his way to the spare bedroom, wondering how to keep both Jun and his parents happy at the same time.

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Date: 2017-04-25 10:24 am (UTC)
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I was like weee hot hot hot and fluffy and I love it so much because the OT5 gen feels and then...
YOU DO THIS TO ME. US. SHO AND JUN. They are angry right now at you. Forget Jun being angry at Sho for keeping the drama a secret. D:<


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Poor Sho! He can't seem to win 💜❤️


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