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Pairing: Sakumoto

Rating: This chapter NC-17

Genre: m-preg, romance, au

Disclaimer: This is entirely fiction, and couldn’t exist anywhere else but in my head.

Summary: Sakurai Sho has always achieved everything he's ever wanted in his successful business life. Why is it so different in his personal life? Sho has no idea that anything is even wrong with his marriage until he comes home one night and finds his young husband gone. Will he be able to find Jun and make things right between them again?

Previously: CH 1, CH 2, CH 3, CH 4, CH 5, CH 6

Jun hummed softly to himself as he dabbed the paint onto the wall. The mural was finally almost finished. It would have been done long before now if not for his overprotective husband hovering over him and his employer refusing to allow him to work for more than four hours at a time. His doctor had also ordered him on bedrest for a week immediately after Sho's return and this was his first chance to work at it properly. The new tables and chairs were already in place although still wrapped in their protective plastic sheeting.

Aiba came over to admire the seascape and to bring Jun a small fruit tart and a glass of milk.

"More food?" Jun sighed, putting down his brush and wiping his hands on a clean rag.

"You know he doesn't like to think of you going hungry," Aiba replied with a grin.

Ever since Ohno had found out about the pregnancy he'd been plying Jun with snacks every couple of hours. Sho had agreed, quoting yet another of his baby books which stated that multiple small meals are better in the early stages of pregnancy.

"That looks delicious. I think that I will have one of those as well," Sho piped up from one of the tables where he was tapping away at his laptop.

"Oh no you won't," Jun countered. "Anyone would think that you are the one having the baby."

Since he'd begun working remotely, joining Jun at the cafe, Sho had been unable to resist the lure of Ohno's baked goods and had managed to gain a couple of kilos in only five weeks.

The doctor had forbidden Jun to fly until he was at least fourteen weeks pregnant so the honeymoon had been on hold. Sho however, had not been willing to part from Jun until that time. Luckily it turned out that his family owned an apartment building nearby, so he had relocated himself to join Jun. His family had been displeased at first, but when they learnt of Jun's pregnancy they had been eagerly supportive of the idea.

Jun had fretted about moving out of Aiba's apartment and leaving him once again with the full rent to be paid. Sho, grateful for Aiba's care for Jun, had offered him a small but comfortable one bedroom apartment in the same block at a greatly reduced rate. Aiba had been reluctant to accept at first until Sho asked him to keep an eye on Jun for him since he would be required to frequently return to the city for business.

The arrangement was working well so far much to everyone's satisfaction. Jun got to keep his job, Aiba now had a much nicer apartment and Sho was able to spend much more time with his husband than ever before.

But to everyone's great surprise, the happiest of them all was Nino, who had moved here right alongside Sho and was also in another apartment in the same building. He was overjoyed to have his rent taken care of by Sakurai Industries, happily squirreling away the extra income into his already impressively full savings account. Even better was all of the free food he was getting from Ohno-san which meant that his piggybank was getting heavier with every passing day.

"I'm glad that he's eating more now," Ohno said as he came through from the back of the bakery with a plate of sandwiches for Nino and Sho.

"He definitely looks less pale," Nino said, nodding his agreement.

"He is definitely throwing up less, but peeing more often," added Aiba.

"Sleeping better too," confirmed Sho, who had feared that his heart would stop beating when Jun's doctor had put him on bedrest, terrified that they could lose their baby. But now that the all clear had been given to travel, he was greatly looking forward to their holiday. "But still throwing up in the mornings," he added.

Jun tossed down his paintbrush and stomped over to join them. "I am right here you know! I can hear every word you guys are saying! Don't I have the right to just a little bit of privacy?"

"Nope," Sho said, pulling Jun onto his lap.

"Absolutely not," added Ohno. "We kind of feel that this baby somehow belongs to all of us."

"Well in that case perhaps one of you could throw up for me and someone else could pee every five minutes for me, so that I can get a break," Jun huffed.

"Sorry baby," Sho said nuzzling Jun's neck while the others scattered before Jun could direct his anger at them.


With a sigh of satisfaction Jun stood back to admire his handiwork. The mural was finished at last. It depicted a ship sailing across a calm blue ocean. The sky was also a bright blue and dotted with fluffy white clouds. Perched on top of each of the clouds were delicately painted baked goods identical to those sold at the bakery. In the distance was a lush looking island where cupcakes hung from the palm trees like brightly coloured coconuts. On the side of the ship the name "Blue Fin" was painted in ornate writing and the somewhat abstract Captain manning the helm somehow managed to resemble Ohno, even though only his back was visible and standing beside him was an even smaller figure that bore more than a passing resemblance to Nino.

Jun had expected to receive a tongue lashing from Nino when he first saw it but instead he'd merely blushed slightly and reached out to touch the painted figures with a small smile.

"Are we ready to party?" yelled Aiba as he emerged from the back with a bucket full of ice and assorted drinks, closely followed by Ohno bearing a huge platter of finger food. It was time for the official opening of the new cafe corner.


Customers and staff were still mingling and eating when Sho attracted Jun's attention. "We need to leave for the airport soon."

"Sure thing," Jun replied as he pried himself out of a slightly drunken Ohno's grasp, tugging him across the room so that he could latch onto Nino instead.

They slipped out into the cool night air and into the car that Sho had hired to drive them to Narita Airport. Jun immediately curled up into a ball against his husband and fell asleep, only waking when they reached their destination.

Jun had never flown with Sho before and he was surprised at how well known Sho was by the staff in the Business Class Lounge. He'd been so wrapped up in his own unhappiness that he'd never really thought about all of the time Sho spent traveling for work, spending hours in airports and transit lounges, doing his best for Sakurai Industries and to make a comfortable life for him.

"Sakurai-san, always a pleasure to see you," the chief lounge attendant said. "Not traveling for business this time?"

"No Ikuta-san, as you can see I have my husband with me today," Sho replied, gesturing towards Jun who was looking a little uncomfortable. "Jun? Is there a problem?"

"Um," Jun was unsure of himself, he'd never flown on international business class before. "I need to...you know..." he added with an embarrassed jiggle.

The airline staff immediately sensed his discomfort and directed him towards the bathrooms.

"I don't mean to pry Sakurai-san, but is your husband unwell?" Ikuta asked deferentially. There were restrictions on people flying with certain medical conditions.

"No, he's perfectly fine. He will probably kill me for telling you this, but we're expecting a baby, and he just needs to, um 'go' more often." Sho was unable to disguise the pride in his voice as the spoke the words.

"I understand perfectly sir and please accept my congratulations," Ikuta said as he made a mental note to speak to the cabin crew about Jun's condition. Sakurai Industries were very important to this airline and Sho-san was one of their favourite repeat customers.


Jun sighed with happiness as he reclined his seat. He was beyond relaxed and comfortable. The cabin crew had been extremely attentive to his every possible desire, earning him some jealous glances from the passengers directly across the aisle. But he was just too relaxed and contented to care.

Sho leant over to make sure that he was snugly tucked under the blanket, pressing a sneaky kiss to Jun's forehead while nobody was looking.

He was determined to make this the best holiday possible for Jun and for himself also. Although they had returned to living together, due to Jun's problems with the pregnancy they hadn't yet been intimate with each other since reuniting and as much as Sho wanted to make love to Jun he was waiting for Jun to indicate that he was ready. He hoped that the balmy tropical sea air and relaxed atmosphere would put Jun in the mood.


"Wow!" Jun exclaimed as he walked out onto the balcony of their villa, with what seemed like an entire beach of their own in front of him. "It's beautiful. Thank you so much," he added as he wrapped his arms around Sho's neck and kissed his cheek with a loud smacking noise.

"You honestly like it?" Sho had been worried about their secluded location and the lack of shops and restaurants within walking distance but he'd rented a car so that Jun wouldn't have to walk far anyway.

"I love it. It's perfect and so are you," Jun replied, kissing Sho on the lips this time and squeezing his butt at the same time.

Sho responded immediately by threading his hands around Jun's nape, anchoring him in place as their tongues danced together. They were both breathless when they finally drew apart, their eyes glowing with love.

"Jun, I love you so much."

"I love you too," Jun murmured, before yawning widely.

"I think that you should have little nap," Sho said tugging Jun indoors and down onto the enormous bed.

Jun wanted to protest but fell asleep before he could even manage to get the words of complaint out.


Sho was sitting on the balcony reading a novel when he heard the first of the whimpers coming from the bedroom.

Jun was thrashing about on the bed, obviously in the grip of a bad dream as he cried out in his sleep.

Sho rushed to the bed and attempted to wake Jun by touching his face, but his husband was too deeply caught in his nightmare to be roused.

"Jun! Wake up sweetheart," Sho said loudly, climbing onto the bed beside Jun and taking him into his arms.

Jun's eyes finally fluttered open and tears of distress flowed down his cheeks as he cried out, "My baby! I dreamt that I lost..."

Sho grabbed Jun's hand and pressed it to his belly reassuringly.

"It was only a dream. Our baby is safe. Please don't cry."

Jun had never revealed to anyone, not even Sho, his terror when the doctor had looked at his latest test results and immediately ordered him to rest in bed for a week before repeating the same tests. The second round had come back normal much to his and Sho's relief. The doctor had repeatedly reassured them that he was now past the critical stage and things should go smoothly from now on. But in his heart he carried the guilt of knowing that if he hadn't already told Sho about the pregnancy their baby might have come and gone without him even being aware of it.

"I'm sorry," Jun sobbed, flinging his arms desperately around Sho's neck. "I'm sorry for running away and not dealing with our problems like an adult and I'm sorry for not telling you about the baby."

"Jun, my love, you aren't to blame. I'm the one who pushed you past your limit. Even if you had tried to speak to me back then I don't think I would have listened to what you were trying to tell me. It took you leaving to make me realize just how badly I was treating you," Sho said in between kissing the tears from Jun's cheeks.

Jun blinked up at Sho with eyes so full of love and trust that Sho had to choke back his own tears. Instead of allowing himself to fall to pieces Sho instead softly pressed his lips to Jun's trembling mouth.

Jun whimpered slightly before kissing Sho back with an almost desperate fervour. He parted his lips inviting Sho to slip his tongue in and possessively explore his mouth.

Their kisses soon progressed from mutual comfort to mounting passion.

Sho snuck his hand under the hem of Jun's untucked shirt, stroking his way up Jun's side until he reached the soft nub of his nipple, pinching it between his fingertips. Jun moaned and arched backwards, falling back onto the mattress, pulling Sho on top of him.

"S-Sho, please make love to me. I want you so badly," Jun moaned into Sho's ear as their half hard cocks rubbed against each other through the thick fabric of their jeans.


"Please...it's been so long...I need you inside me."

"But Jun, what about the baby? Is it safe?"

Jun looked up at Sho with eyes half-lidded with need and desire, "As you just said a minute ago, the baby is fine...please?"

Sho gasped as Jun slid his hand down the front of his jeans and thumbed the head of his cock. That action pushed any remaining doubt from his mind as he latched his lips onto Jun's collarbone breathing in the much missed sweetly spicy smell of his husband's warm skin.

"If this is going to happen, we're going to need less clothes," panted Sho, grunting in frustration as he tried to reach Jun's cock. He had only now noticed how much rounder Jun's belly was making the waistband of his jeans too tight for him to be able to work his hand down.

Jun laughed and flung his arms dramatically up over his head, "Well what are you waiting for?"

Sho felt as if a great weight shifted from his shoulders as he joined Jun's gleeful laughter and began to hastily unbutton Jun's shirt as Jun did the same in return to his.


Sho was careful to support his weight on his hands where they rested beside Jun's head as he leant over his prone body. The knowledge that Jun was pregnant and the fact that they hadn't made love since the day Jun left was making him nervous.

Jun's body was thrumming with heat and impatience. Sho had taken an extraordinarily long amount of time preparing him, unconsciously teasing him and working him up into a frenzy of desire but now he was (in his opinion) taking far too long to move on to the real action.

A startled squeak was forced out of Sho's lips as Jun wrapped his arms around him rolling him over onto his back and hovering over him with a predatory gaze.

They both hissed as Jun gripped the base of Sho's cock and began to lower himself down onto it. Jun moaned and flung his head back as he revelled in the slightly painful stretch as he took all of Sho's thick length into his body.

"Jun my love, you are so beautiful like this." Sho praised his husband as he reached up to pinch Jun's nipples between his fingers, making him cry out and begin to move his hips in a gentle rocking motion.

They continued to hold each other's gaze as Jun sped up his movements, rising up so that only the tip of Sho's cock remained inside him before sliding back down again.

Sho reached out and wrapped his hands around Jun's neck, pulling him down for a filthy open-mouthed kiss. They bit and sucked on lips flushed red with arousal, tongues battling for dominance.

Steadying Jun's hips with his hands Sho helped him to balance as he began to thrust up his own hips to meet Jun's on the way back down.

"Sho...harder...please..." Jun whined, digging his nails into Sho's upper arms.

Sho's eyes darkened the slight sting, lifting Jun up off his cock and reversing their positons, flipping Jun onto his back and pushing his knees up to his chest before plunging back into his welcoming heat.

Jun could only cling to Sho's muscular back as he was jerked backwards with each of Sho's forceful thrusts. He had long ago lost the ability for coherent thought; his only focus was chasing the need to come that was building slowly deep in his pelvis.

"Jun baby, are you close?" Sho panted. After such a long time it was hard for him to hold on as long as he usually did and he wanted to be sure that Jun was satisfied first before he found his own release.

"Mmm, so close. Touch me Sho. Touch me." Jun writhed beneath Sho as he spoke; raking his nails lightly down his back.

Sho licked the palm of his hand before reaching down between them to stoke Jun’s length with firm and measured strokes causing Jun to arch backwards, eyes closed with ecstasy as his orgasm neared.

‘Sho, Sho, Sho,” Jun chanted. “I love you,” he cried as he fell over the edge, his cum releasing in hot spurts between their bodies.

“Jun,” Sho grunted, thrusting a few more times before waves of pleasure carried him to his own orgasm.

Sho carefully slid out of Jun’s breathless body, slippery cum sliding out down Jun’s thighs afterwards as they lay beside each other trying to steady their breathing.

“I missed you so much,” Jun whispered as snuggled up beside Sho, ignoring the fact that their bodies were slippery with sweat and sticky with semen.

“I’m so happy to have you back in my arms,” Sho replied, pressing a series of tiny kisses to Jun’s face. “But not so happy that you are sticking to the rest of me,” he added, trying to peel their skin apart.

“Ow!” They yelped in perfect unison before Jun shot Sho a glare.

“Sorry Beauty, I think a shower is called for followed by a nice relaxing bath,” Sho said, attempting to sweep Jun into his arms and carry him to the bathroom.

Jun however had other ideas, wriggling away from Sho and stomping into the bathroom himself, calling back over his shoulder, “If you are very lucky I will let you into the bath with me, but only if you bring some fresh juice and snacks with you.”

“So, you only want me for my guava juice and macadamia nuts?” Sho pouted.

“Yep, that’s about right,” Jun replied with a laugh, greatly enjoying teasing his husband. “Although I may require you for sex again later on too as long as the juice is chilled to the perfect temperature and the macadamias are chocolate coated.”

Sho immediately perked up and threw on a robe before rushing off to the kitchen.

Jun laughed when he emerged from the shower and still heard faint crashing noises and the sound of cupboard doors being slammed shut.

He was floating blissfully around in the huge marble tub playing with the foam from the bath oil when Sho finally burst into the room with a triumphant look on his face. In one hand he cradled a bowl of macadamia nuts and in the other a slightly oddly coloured glass of juice with a large amount of ice bobbing around on top.

“I’m sorry, there were no chocolate coated ones in the gift basket only salted ones, but I washed the salt off for you,” Sho said as he thrust the bowl at Jun, who took the damp nuts from him with barely concealed mirth.

“And I couldn’t find any guava juice so I kind of mixed pineapple and some raspberry flavoured syrup that I found in the cupboard together,” Sho added.

Jun cautiously took the glass and took a tentative sip. To his great surprise and Sho’s endless relief it actually tasted quite nice. He nodded and gestured for Sho to join him.

Sho eagerly stripped off his robe and almost made it in before a cutting glare from Jun reminded him that he hadn’t showered yet.

After the quickest shower in history Sho practically flung himself into the bath and pulled Jun onto his arms. Jun sighed and snuggled back against him. Apart from their wedding night and the early days of their marriage this was the happiest either of them had ever been. It was a shame that they couldn’t continue to live like this always, but until reality intruded they had two weeks in which to reconnect and rekindle their love and they planned to make the most of every minute of it.


The next morning Jun woke with a start, confused by the unfamiliar surroundings, only relaxing when he saw the familiar shape of Sho sprawled beside him. As usual Sho was taking up most of the bed and snoring loudly and Jun was tempted to poke him in the side as he usually did but the need to use the bathroom was more pressing.

When he returned Sho was sitting up in bed and looking worried.

"Sho? Is something wrong?" Jun asked as he slid back into bed and snuggled against Sho's side.

"I woke up and you were gone," Sho replied, holding Jun tightly. "For a moment I thought that you'd left me again. Stupid, I know..."

Jun had never heard Sho sound so vulnerable before. "I'm sorry that I left Tokyo without talking to you first. At that moment I wasn't thinking rationally; all I wanted to do was escape. I felt trapped and couldn't see how to find my way out."

"After you left me I spent so much time thinking about the way I'd mistreated you over those months and regretting every moment I treated you badly, every time I left you at home alone for hours and worst of all, every time I convinced you to have sex with me when I knew that you weren't in the mood because I was so focused on getting you pregnant," Sho replied tearily. "I couldn't sleep without your pillow in my arms, breathing in the last lingering molecules of your scent and imagining you were still there."

"I knew that deep down you hadn't stopped loving me, but you stopped treating me as if you did," Jun said as slow tears trickled down his face. "I think that you lost your way and I hope that things never go back to that state again, because now that I have our baby to think of as well I don't think I can give you more than this one chance."

"Jun, I don't want to offer up any more excuses for my behaviour; I will just promise that I will try my hardest to not relapse and hope that you will tell me straight away if I begin to lose my way."

They were both crying by now, but somehow feeling better at the same time. Jun suddenly pulled away and rushed to the bathroom, barely making it in time to throw up in the toilet.

Sho was right behind him, rubbing his back and brushing the hair back from his sweaty forehead with a gentle touch. "I'm so happy right now," he said.

"Happy that I am throwing up?"

"Happy that I am involved in your pregnancy, even the yukky parts. These past few weeks have made me happier than I could ever have possibly imagined."

"Me too. Every time I visited the doctor I wanted you to be there to share it with me, but I needed us to get back together for all the right reasons, not just because it was what was expected of us."

As they held each other tight each was equally determined to make things work, not just for the baby's sake but for their own happiness as well.

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Date: 2017-04-18 11:42 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] cielmelodies
CUTE. SO FLUFF. SHO TAKE CARE OF JUN MORE OFTEN. THE OT5 GEN. This baby is going to have so many uncles that will be ready to dote on him/her when she/he is born :D It's so adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
<3 *hugs*

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Date: 2017-04-19 02:06 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] koi_choshi

It's easier to read this in LJ mobile but then I decided to comment here. :D

I'm glad that Sho and Jun got together and made love the way a couple should make love. And it's great to see that their other friends are being very helpful to the couple. I just hope that this will be continuous and that Jun can lead Sho back if he forgets about their "love". So fluffyyyyy!

Thanks for this chapter!


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