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Pairing: Sakumoto

Rating: This chapter PG

Genre: m-preg, romance, au

Disclaimer: This is entirely fiction, and couldn’t exist anywhere else but in my head.

Summary: Sakurai Sho has always achieved everything he's ever wanted in his successful business life. Why is it so different in his personal life? Sho has no idea that anything is even wrong with his marriage until he comes home one night and finds his young husband gone. Will he be able to find Jun and make things right between them again?

Previously: CH 1, CH 2, CH 3, CH 4, CH 5

When Jun walked into the kitchen where Aiba was preparing their breakfast he noticed that there was a missed call on his phone. Sho was due back in the country at any time and just the thought of it caused him to rush back to the toilet.

"Pee or vomit?" Aiba asked matter-of-factly when Jun returned a few minutes later looking slightly shaky.

"Masaki!" protested Jun, his face turning a touch more green. Sitting down heavily at the table he eventually admitted, "Both. Why do I have to pee so often? I'm only nine weeks pregnant."

"It's the hormones," Aiba said with a smile, patting Jun consolingly on the back as he placed a plate of toast and a glass of milk in front of his friend before adding, "And at the moment, I would also say nerves."

Jun gulped and glanced at his phone which was sitting on the far side of the table and somehow managing to glare at him accusingly.

But when he finally plucked up the courage to look, after fortifying himself with some dry toast, he saw that the call didn’t come from Sho. When he checked the message, it was Shun inviting him to lunch and from the tone of his voice he knew that there was no possibility of saying ‘no’.


Running fifteen minutes late due an unscheduled pee stop, Jun was dismayed to see that Shun had obviously already ordered the food without waiting for him. Not knowing that most food was making Jun want to be sick, Shun had ordered all of his favourites including the fried chicken that Jun had loved so much when he was a child. Unfortunately just the sight of it made Jun feel queasy. He wasn't the slightest bit hungry, but he was due to take his medication so to Shun's great surprise he ordered a glass of milk, rather than drinking the beer that he had already ordered for both of them.

"Milk?" Shun asked with a raised eyebrow.

"My stomach has been upset lately and milk is the only thing that seems to be able to settle it," Jun said as he took a sip and swallowed his pill.

"What was that?" Shun asked suspiciously.

"Oh, nothing really. What did you want to see me about?"

"Jun, I'm not stupid. There is something you're not telling me. Are you sick? I mean really sick?"

"N-no!" Jun stuttered.

"You were in the hospital and now you're taking medicine. What else am I supposed to think?" Shun hissed in a quiet but angry voice. "Don't lie to me. You're my baby brother and it's my job to protect you, no matter what."

Jun couldn't help himself as he burst into noisy sobs at Shun's words. It was like having an embarrassing out of body experience, as everyone in the restaurant turned to stare.

With a gasp of despair he dashed from the restaurant, leaving Shun scrambling in his wake, trying to collect his belongings and throw some money on the table to take care of the bill, calling out hasty instuctions to the staff as he chased his fleeing brother.

"Jun! Wait!"

Shun managed to catch up to his brother and steer him over to his car, pushing him into the back seat and sitting beside him.

Jun continued to sob helplessly, engulfed in a maelstrom of emotion; obviously caught up an excess of hormones, but unable to stop himself. There was no possibility of keeping his pregnancy a secret from Shun now. He couldn't leave his brother thinking that he was seriously ill or at this rate, mentally unstable.

Shun ineffectually patted Jun's shoulder in an attempt to calm him, but Jun continued to sob for some time.

"Jun, perhaps you should go back and live at our parents' place for a while if you aren't well..."

"I promise that I'm not sick, " Jun said, finally managing to gain control of himself.

"Then why do you look so unwell? Is it Sho? Something he said or did? He can be an insensitive idiot sometimes." Shun asked, stiffening with anger.

"No! I'm not sick...I'm pregnant."


"Yes, and you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone else. Not even our parents."

"But why can't anyone know? And why are you still separated from Sho? Doesn't he want the baby?" Shun growled.

"That's why no one can know about this. I haven't actually told Sho yet."

"Jun! How could you keep this from him? I may want to punch him sometimes but he is still my best friend and I care about him a lot. Do you think that this is fair? He's your husband and he deserves to know."

Chastised by Shun's scolding, Jun began to cry again, but silently this time, "I know. I feel so guilty about not telling him. I wanted to change things and I didn't want this to cloud my decisions about my future, but now I know that Sho and this baby are my future. I may want the freedom to work outside our home or do things even I haven't thought of yet, but I want to come home to Sho every night."

"Stop crying little brother, or you'll set me off," Shun said as he pulled out a handkerchief and wiped Jun's face tenderly before finally caving in and hugging him tightly. "I promise I won't tell anyone about this, as long as you promise me that you'll tell Sho as soon as he comes back from Hong Kong. You know, he's been going crazy since you left. That's why I wanted to see you today."

"I will tell him. I was going to anyway, oh bossy one," Jun replied sulkily, easily falling into baby brother mode.

"Fine. Now can we go back and finish lunch? I told them to not clear the table because we'd be back soon to actually eat it instead of just crying all over it."

Jun gave him a weak smile, "Okay. But I have one condition. Please get them to take the fried chicken away. It seriously makes we want to throw up."

"Deal," Shun replied as he climbed out of the car. "Baby, huh? So this means that I will be an Uncle?"


"I am going to be so awesome at it. Just as long as no nappies are involved."

"Okay, but I can't promise you immunity from baby vomit as well," Jun replied with a shaky smile.

"Eww. Now I don't feel hungry," grumbled Shun as they retraced their steps back to the restaurant.


"Are you sure about this?" Aiba asked as he watched Jun changing his clothes for the third time in ten minutes.

"I'm sure. Sho deserves to know. It's his baby as much as mine and to be perfectly honest I want to share every important moment of this pregnancy with him," Jun replied as he nervously checked his watch. Sho was due to pick him up in a few minutes.

"Are you going to give up your independence again, just like that?"

"No. I didn't say that I was moving back with him. Unless you're sick of me being here and working with you?"

"Of course not."

"I love him, and I want our marriage to work, but I won't give up my independence, baby or not," Jun said firmly. Over the past two weeks and after his talks with both Nino and Shun, he'd come to the conclusion that it was up to him to be strong enough to do what was right for the baby. Even though the news had initially come as a shock he had already grown to love the tiny speck of life clinging so obstinately to him against pretty tough odds. He knew that no matter what problems were occurring between its parents the baby deserved the love of both of them and he would do his best to make that happen.

Aiba had to answer the door when Sho arrived five minutes later since Jun was in the bathroom emptying his stomach for the second time that day.


Even though it was close to sunset the park was still quite busy, mostly with couples strolling together, the boldest ones holding hands.

Jun kept his own hands firmly by his side trying to resist the temptation to grip Sho's long sensitive fingers. They were one of Jun's favourite parts of his husband, along with his bouncy butt and the prominent vein that ran down the side of his strong neck, plus his round expressive eyes...

"Jun? Are you okay?" Sho asked suddenly."You seem distracted."

Jun blushed as he realized that he had completely spaced out while thinking about Sho. "Yes, sorry."

Sho looked at Jun with concern; he was looking drawn and tired and possibly even thinner than two weeks earlier when they'd last met.

"Would you like to sit down? You look rather pale," Sho said.

"I'm fine. You're the one who just drove for four hours after getting off an international flight," Jun replied.

"I have a room booked for tonight. I'll be fine," Sho said.

They both felt strangely awkward, both with so much to say but not sure of how to begin.

Jun decided to take the plunge first. "Sho...there's something I need to tell you..."

"Jun, before you say anything please let me speak," Sho begged.


"I've spoken to my father and told him that I'm taking some of the holiday time that the corporation owes me. I want us to have the honeymoon we never had. I want to make love to you on that tropical beach under a full moon, just like you fantasized about."


"Please, don't give me your answer just yet." Sho gripped Jun's hand tightly as he continued, "It's not just about us holidaying together. I want our lives at home to be better too. I promise that I'll work less hours and spend more time with you. I know that you have your job and your friends here and I wouldn't ask you to give that up. We can move here if you like. I can easily work from one of our branch offices and commute to the city for important meetings. I know that I've been neglecting you in favour of work and I want to make it up to you. I'm willing to do anything to have you back in my life because without you my life isn't worth living."

"But Sho..."

"Please Jun, there's just one more thing I want to say." Sho's voice was shaking almost as much as his hands. "I don't want us to try for a baby until you decide you're ready, no matter how long that might take. From now on I want us to make all the important decisions together as a team."

"Sho, about the baby... There's something you need to know..."

Sho felt his heart sink to the floor. "You don't want to have one...with me?"

"No! No, that's not what I meant," Jun gripped Sho's cheeks, forcing him to meet his eyes. The words were coming out all wrong. "I meant that it's too late to decide to delay having a baby, because we're already expecting one."

"I don't understand..." Sho couldn't quite grasp what Jun was trying to tell him.

"I'm pregnant Sho. You're going to be a father," Jun said.

"But how? When did this happen?"

"I think we all know the answer to how," Jun replied. "As to when, about nine weeks ago."

With an exclamation of joy Sho picked Jun up and spun him around in a dizzying circle, stopping only when Jun squawked in distress as his stomach fought to keep with the rest of him.

“Sorry. Are you all right?” Sho asked with concern.

“Yes but you came within a hair's breadth of me throwing up on you.” Jun panted.

“I wouldn’t even care if you did.”

“Oh, I think you would. You haven’t had the pleasure of seeing me first thing in the morning when I’m at my worst.”

“No. I haven’t,” Sho said sadly.

“And that’s entirely my fault,” Jun said, instantly teetering on the edge of tears once more. "I had no right to keep the news from you. I'm so sorry."

“Please don’t cry sweetheart,” Sho said, stroking Jun’s cheek. "It doesn't matter now. I couldn't be any happier."

“I’ve missed you so much,” cried Jun as he flung himself on Sho hugging him tightly and burying his face into his shoulder. No matter what he’d mentally resolved before this meeting, he knew that he didn’t want to spend any further time away from Sho.

“Come, I want you to spend the night with me,” Sho said after they finally separated, both of them looking quite teary.

“What will the hotel staff say when they see you smuggling a strange man up to your single room?” Jun asked, smiling for the first time.

“They will say that I am extremely fortunate,” Sho joked.


Jun followed Sho slowly into the room, feeling almost dizzy with nerves. Contrary to Sho's talk of a single room, it was actually a large and pleasantly decorated suite.

"I think perhaps you should rest for a bit. You still look terribly pale," Sho said after hanging up Jun's coat.

"I do feel a little lightheaded," Jun admitted. He hadn't been able to keep down much of either breakfast or lunch after a mostly sleepless night.

Sho made sure that Jun was comfortable on the bed before removing his own coat and dimming the lights a little. “Perhaps I should order us some dinner. You must be hungry since you’re eating for two now.”

“I’m not particularly hungry most of the time. The morning sickness is still really bad and sometimes lasts all day,” Jun replied with a sigh.

“You still need to eat. I’ll order you anything you want.” Sho said as he sat down on the bed next to his husband. He hesitantly ran a hand over Jun’s belly, frightened that Jun would reject such an intimate gesture. “It’s hard to imagine that there’s a baby in there.”

Jun smiled fondly at Sho, amused by the wonder in his voice. “There certainly is and I have the picture to prove it,” he replied as he reached over and picked up his wallet from the table beside the bed and pulled out the photograph taken at his eight week scan.

Sho took the picture reverentially, running the tip of his finger gently over the little blob in the middle of the picture.

“It's beautiful,” he breathed.

“If you can call a jelly bean shaped blob beautiful,” Jun joked even though he was just as enraptured by the fuzzy blob as Sho was.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you as soon as I found out. It’s just that I was so confused and emotional about us and about our relationship; and of course I now know that it was because of this little bean as well,” Jun said softly.

“I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you. I’m a terrible husband,” said Sho as he carefully placed the photo back in Jun’s wallet.

"Never say that." Jun hissed, suddenly angry, not with Sho, but with himself. "You are a good husband, but one who has too many pressures to deal with. I'm the gutless one. I should have spoken to you about our problems rather than running away like a coward."

"I guess we are both a big pair of idiots," Sho agreed, holding Jun's hand and soothingly stroking the soft skin on the inside of his wrist. "May I kiss you?" He wanted to comfort Jun but he was unsure of his rights, not wanting to do something that Jun wasn't comfortable with.

"You don't need to ask for permission. You're still my husband, and I still love you. We just need to think about the way we live our lives," Jun said, feeling teary once again.

"My Beauty," Sho said softly before pressing a chaste kiss to Jun's lips and stroking his hair.

"I told you not to call me that," Jun mumbled drowsily, falling asleep before he could hear Sho's response.


"Jun, the food is here." Sho stroked the side of Jun's face to wake him gently. He'd left him to sleep for an hour before placing the order.

"Mmmm?" Jun was disoriented for a moment as he woke in unfamiliar surroundings, but Sho's voice calmed him.

"Stay there, and I will bring it to you on a tray."

"I'm not an invalid," Jun said crankily as he pushed Sho's hand away and climbed stiffly off the bed.

Sho wasn't surprised; Jun was never the happiest of people when he first woke.

"It will probably make me sick anyway," Jun grumbled as he took a seat at the small table.

"I chose it specially in the hopes that you will be able to keep it down," Sho said as he uncovered the plate. "Cold chicken salad with a glass of ice cold milk. According to the baby books, you need protein and fats and if you have the meat cold there is no smell to make you sick."

Jun was sceptical at first, but he was soon plowing through the plate with every sign of enjoyment. He took out one of his pills and washed it down with the milk causing Sho to stop eating his own meal to stare in concern.

"Jun, what is that medicine you just took?"

"It's to help stabilize the pregnancy," Jun said. Hastily adding, "It's only a precaution," when he saw that Sho was about to panic. "But I'm afraid that the honeymoon trip will have to be delayed a little. I'm not allowed to travel much at the moment. The doctors want to be sure that the baby will...will stick with me..."

Sho was on his feet in an instant, kneeling beside Jun and clutching his hand, "You've been going through all of this alone? I'm so, so sorry."

"Um, Aiba knows and he's been looking after me. I'm sorry you aren't the first to know..."

"The hospital visit?"

"Mmm, he's the one that persuaded me to go. He's studying to be a nurse, remember?"

To Sho's great shame, he didn't remember. When Jun talked about his friend he'd obviously barely listened, constantly preoccupied with his own work issues or problems with his parents.

"You aren't mad are you?" Jun asked hesitantly, feeling guilty that he hadn't told Sho right away.

"No! In fact I am happy that you had someone to support you, and I'll thank him next time we meet."

Somewhat reassured Sho returned to his own meal. "May I go with you on your next medical appointment? There are questions that I'd like to ask the doctor. I understand if you don't want me there though..." Sho said in a tiny voice.

"I'd love it if you could." Jun wanted to make up to Sho for him missing out on the earliest stages of this pregnancy.

"It's a date then, now finish your food. We want this baby to grow big and strong," Sho said, handing Jun his fork.

Jun rolled his eyes at Sho's mothering, but he was secretly pleased at the loving attention.


"I can sleep on the sofa," Sho said as he tucked Jun into bed.

"It's your room," Jun protested. "We can share the bed."

"I don't want to pressure you."

"Were you planning on a bout of outrageously athletic lovemaking?"

"No! Of course not."

"Then it's fine," Jun said, folding back the covers on the opposite side of the bed. "I wouldn't mind a cuddle though."

"Really?" Sho's face lit up as he hastily jumped into bed before Jun changed his mind.

"Of course. I missed you," Jun said as he wriggled over to Sho's side of the bed.

"Me too baby. Me too." Sho wrapped his arms and legs around Jun, enjoying his solid warmth for the first time in so very long.

Their kisses were gentle and loving as their bodies relaxed into each other.

"We still need to sort things out properly," Jun said sleepily.

"I know, but just sleep for now, my love," Sho said.

Sho had already decided what needed to be done, whether his family approved of his plans or not. There was no way that now that he had Jun back in his arms he was ever going to let him go again.

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Date: 2017-04-11 10:40 am (UTC)
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Ahhhh I'm so excited :3 they don't get to have any sex? Whatttt? :( Butbut... Preggos smut. :(
Sakumoto cuddddles. Me likely. ^^
So much sweetness and fluff here. ;) Congratulations on your first fic post on dw. :) ^^

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do they have a drafts system here? ao3 doesn't allow for scheduling as well (i think), but my stories/chapters are all drafts and I end up just posting them on the go on my phone when I have to by prepping the drafts beforehand.
I have yet to figure out DW since my classes are starting tmr orz. but I'll see on the weekend how it goes <3 :)
I look forward to the smut :3

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kyaaaaa this is sweet.im glad they are back to cuddlIng again and taking it a step at a time. 💜🌸


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