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Pairing: Sakumoto

Rating: This chapter PG

Genre: m-preg, romance, au

Disclaimer: This is entirely fiction, and couldn’t exist anywhere else but in my head.

Summary: Sakurai Sho has always achieved everything he's ever wanted in his successful business life. Why is it so different in his personal life? Sho has no idea that anything is even wrong with his marriage until he comes home one night and finds his young husband gone. Will he be able to find Jun and make things right between them again?

Previously: CH 1, CH 2

Jun deliberately allowed his phone battery to go flat. His phone was full of messages from Sho that remained unread. He knew that if he read them he would cave in and return home. Everything would just be the same all over again and none of their problems would have been solved.

He still loved Sho, but he knew that something was missing from not just his marriage, but from his life as well, so after spending the weekend wallowing in self-pity and eating what felt like his entire body weight in junk food with Aiba, he decided to take Ohno up on his offer of a job.

Jun was ready to know what it was like to be an independent adult.


"Are you just going to sit there and do nothing?" Nino slammed the coffee down hard enough to make the lid pop off. It was Monday morning and Jun had been missing for four days already.

"I've tried everything. He won't return my calls," Sho said huffily.

"That's it? Your husband walks out on you and you make a few phone calls?" Nino said as he sopped up the spilt liquid with a handful of tissues.

"Do you think I want everyone to know about this? It's humiliating. My parents will kill me for bringing disgrace on the family," Sho whined.

"I thought that you loved him."

"I do. I really do. I have no idea what went wrong."

"Perhaps that's part of the problem," Nino said as he went to answer the phone that was ringing on his desk in the outer office.


Nino was still on the phone when Jun's brother Shun strode into the office with a face like thunder.

"Is the rat in his office?" the tall man asked as he swept past Nino. "Never mind. I'll find him myself."

Nino tried to warn Sho but Shun was too fast. He slammed the door to Sho's private office behind him and locked it, leaving Nino stranded on the wrong side to be of any help to Sho.


The all-encompassing smell of baking bread wrapped itself around Jun in a warm embrace as he followed Aiba through the employee's entrance of Blue Fin Bakery.

Ohno looked up from where he was shaping a batch of croissants to give Jun a welcoming smile.

"Please wait in my office for a minute and we can discuss what you will be doing here," Ohno said as his fingers continued to work without him even looking at what they were doing. "Please take a pastry with you to eat while you're waiting. There's coffee there too."

Jun chose an apricot custard danish while Aiba snatched up one of his favourite custard tarts earning Ohno's wrath.

"Did I say anything about you?" Ohno asked with an exasperated smile.

"Hey, it's quality control," Aiba said before he hastily stuffed the entire thing in his mouth.

Jun found himself smiling for the first time in ages; he already felt at home here.


Nino couldn't hear very clearly what was happening on the other side of the door (stupid soundproofing). All he could hear was muffled yelling followed by a loud thud.

He just managed to jump back in time before the door was flung open and Shun strode past him, rubbing the knuckles of his right hand.

After Shun had swept out Nino scuttled into Sho's office eager to find out what had just happened.

Sho was sitting in a heap on the floor, his tie askew and a red mark on his cheek.

"What did you do?" Nino asked as he helped his boss up.

"I called him and told him about the situation. I thought he might know where Jun went. I didn't realize just how protective he is of his brother. I figured it out pretty quick when he hit me though," Sho said as he ruefully rubbed the bruise that was forming on his face.

Nino retrieved some ice from the bar fridge in the corner of Sho's office, wrapping it in his clean handkerchief before pressing it to Sho's cheek.

"This is actually a good thing. Shun must surely have a good idea where Jun would go. If we follow him then we should be able to track Jun down," Nino said as Sho winced at the cold on his face. "I totally agree with him hitting you though," he added before going to make some important calls to set his idea in motion.

Sho just sat at his desk gazing at the photograph of Jun and he on their wedding day. As far as he was concerned, Shun was correct in hitting him and he deserved all the pain he was currently experiencing. All he wanted was Jun back home with him where he belonged.


"And this is our eat-in area," Ohno said gesturing towards a dingy corner with a few shabby tables and chairs.

Ohno must have seen Jun's involuntary look of horror, because when they returned to the office the first thing he said was, "Go on, tell me the truth. It's awful isn't it?"

"Well, it's kind of..."

"Dingy? Depressing?" Ohno pressed for a response. "I've been meaning to do something about it, but there never seems to be enough time."

"Well, it's not great,” Jun replied.

"I know it's horrible. It just sort of grew up from people wanting to eat their purchases here. We set up a bit of furniture and then ignored it. Do you think you can do something?"

"I've never done anything like that before," Jun replied hesitantly.

"But I'll bet you eat in fancy places all the time, don't you?" Ohno said, looking at Jun's expensive clothes. "All it needs is a bit of redecorating."

"And some new furniture," Jun added.

"Anything you like," Ohno said. "As long as I'm free to get on with my baking I'll be perfectly happy. Just promise me that you'll ignore any suggestions from Aiba. If he has his way the entire wall will be covered with pictures of naked boobies."


Jun found it to be more fun than he'd imagined going around town collecting paint charts and brochures for café furniture. He knew it was a bold move but he thought that a mural would give the dining area an individual look. To his great surprise, after showing Ohno a rough sketch of his ideas the baker asked him if he would like to do the painting himself.

Jun agreed, knowing that if it didn't turn out as planned he could always paint over the top of it and pretend it had never happened.

In the meantime he was enjoying getting to know how the bakery worked.

Aiba was a genius at getting customers to buy twice as much as they originally planned; his innocent smile was devastating. He would 'accidentally' put a few extra rolls in the bag and then look so flustered that the housewives would pay for them just to keep him out of trouble.

Chinen was usually on the same shift as well, scuttling between the back of the bakery and the display cabinets like a mouse. He didn't speak much to anyone. He was also a student, studying music composition, which seemed to mostly manifest itself in him scribbling random musical notes on the back of his order pad and absently humming to himself.

It was the process of making everything that fascinated Jun the most. The amount of care and attention to detail that Ohno expended on each of the savoury and sweet delights made Jun want to do his best to present them perfectly to the customers.

After a week Jun had changed the way that the goods were displayed, making Ohno smile widely when he entered through the front door on a trial run. Jun's heart swelled with pride at the praise he received and the friendship of his fellow workers.

But even though he was enjoying taking these first wobbly steps of independence, he knew that soon his real life would catch up to him and he would have to face up to his problems rather than running away.


The last person Jun expected to see on the doorstep was his brother Shun.

He and Aiba had finished their shift and stopped off to buy groceries on the way home. It was Aiba's turn to cook, something that pleased Jun greatly as he was exhausted. He'd only worked a six hour shift, but even that was enough to fill him with a bone-deep tiredness that made it hard for him to even climb the stairs to Aiba's second floor apartment. He'd been feeling this way for a few days now and knew that he should visit a doctor, but even that seemed like too much of an effort right now.

"Jun," Shun said, moving forward to grip Jun's arms and look searchingly into his eyes. By his next words he obviously wasn't pleased with what he saw there. "You look tired. Are you feeling okay?"

"Never mind that. How did you find me?" Jun asked, pulling himself away from his brother's grip.

"Um, perhaps we should take this inside," Aiba said as he looked nervously up and down the hallway. His neighbours were always quick to complain about noise.

To Jun it seemed that Aiba wasn't just afraid of the noise. "Aiba, are you responsible for this?" Jun asked suspiciously, as he gestured to Shun who had pulled the shopping bags out of his hands and carried them into the apartment.

"He rang here so many times. He was worried about you. I had to tell him that you were safe," Aiba replied defiantly. "It's Sho who you're mad at not your brother, so I thought he deserved to know."

"I'm not going back." Jun said angrily.

"I'm not here to make you. I just wanted to make sure that you're safe, and now I'm sure that you are." Shun was not happy with Jun's pale face and the dark circles beneath his eyes, but decided to not press matters any further.

"I'll go and make a start on dinner and leave you two to talk," Aiba said as he gathered up the shopping bags. "You will stay and eat with us?" Aiba looked at Shun as he spoke.

"As long Jun doesn't mind."

Jun was too tired to do more than nod as he collapsed onto the sofa.

"Does Sho know that you're here? Does he know where I am?"

"No, of course not. As a matter of fact we're not exactly talking to each other at the moment," Shun admitted as he sat next to Jun.

"Why? Is it because of me?"

"Probably it has something to do with the fact that the last time we met I punched him in the face," Shun admitted with a laugh.

"You did what?"

"He hurt my baby brother, what else was I supposed to do?"

Jun's stomach gave an uncomfortable lurch at the thought of Sho being hurt. Shun was tall and athletic and definitely knew how to punch someone.

"Is he okay? You didn't hurt him did you?"

Shun was pleased to see the agitated expression on Jun's face, perhaps it meant that there was a hope of the marriage still being able to be repaired.

"Nah, I just gave him a light tap. We gave each other much worse when we were at school."

Jun sagged with relief, closing his eyes as he tried to steady the whirling sensation in his brain.

"Jun, are you okay?" Shun didn't wait for an answer, going to the kitchen and returning with a glass of water.

Jun accepted it gratefully, pressing the cold glass to his forehead.

Shun agreed to not tell Sho as long as Jun kept in touch with him. It was the first time that Jun had found a measure of independence and he was worried about him coping. He knew that Jun and Sho loved each other, but he also knew that they had to work out a different way for their marriage to continue in the future. It wasn't fair on Jun to be kept like a caged bird and Sho had to learn how to better withstand pressure from his family and find his own independence.


Aiba tried to liven things up during dinner but Shun was glancing at Jun with a worried expression and Jun barely seemed able to keep his eyes open long enough to eat.

They carried their coffee over to the couch, where Jun promptly fell asleep, leaving the other two staring at each other in uncomfortable silence.

"Promise me that you'll get in touch if Jun needs anything," Shun said quietly as he tucked a light blanket over his little brother. "I don't think he looks well at all."

"Maybe it's the stress of these past couple of weeks catching up with him. It must have been the biggest decision of his life to leave his husband like that." Aiba had only met Sho a few times and thought that he seemed like a considerate guy, but if what Jun had told him was true, then he had obviously lost himself somewhere along the way. "But I promise to look after him. He's my best friend after all."


When Jun woke up, the apartment was in darkness and Shun was obviously gone. There were faint snoring noises coming from the bedroom where Aiba was asleep.

He guessed that it Shun had been able to figure out where he was then Sho would probably soon be able to track him down also. The thought of that both thrilled and scared him in equal measure. He loved Sho and missed him dearly, but he was also enjoying this new phase in his life. He wondered if it was possible to find some sort of compromise between the two.


Sho was becoming more distraught with every passing day. It was two weeks and he still had received no word from Jun. Maybe it really was over between them.

He barely looked up when Nino entered the office with his third cup of coffee for the day and it was only eleven o'clock. Sleep had been impossible for him for the past week. He was too lonely in his big bed, instead moving into the guest room, taking Jun's pillow with him to cuddle in the middle of the night.

"I know where he is," Nino said as he placed the cup carefully down in front of Sho.

"Where? Is he safe? Should I go there now?" Sho fired a string of questions as he leapt to his feet.

"In answer to all of your questions in sequence," Nino replied as he sat down, "He's staying with his friend Aiba. He's perfectly safe and even has a job. And no, I think that if you go there he might run away again."

Sho was ashamed. How could he have not remembered Aiba? He had been unable to think of a single friend of Jun's when Nino had asked him a week ago. He was beginning to get an idea of just how isolated Jun must have felt.

"So what do you suggest then?" Sho asked as he picked up his drink with a shaking hand.

"What if I go and test the waters? See if he's willing to speak to you?"

"Thank you Nino. I don't know what I would do without you."

"Just remember this when bonus time comes around," Nino said as he went to organize his journey.


Jun was painting the café corner wall with primer when he heard a familiar nasal voice behind him speaking with Ohno.

All of the blood seemed to rush from his head, leaving him completely dizzy. He tried to climb down from his perch on the step ladder but the room was spinning too much. Unable to retain his grip on the rungs, he slipped and fell towards the floor.

Fortunately for him and unfortunately for his rescuer, Chinen saw this happen as if in slow motion. He rushed across the shop and attempted to catch Jun, but due to his small size he ended up underneath the taller man, breaking his fall with his own body.

Alerted by the clattering of the ladder and the sound that Chinen made, which resembled a deflating balloon, Aiba rushed to help also.

Jun lay completely limp for a few moments before he began to feebly disentangle himself from a desperately wheezing Chinen.

Before Nino found a chance to speak, he found himself firmly shepherded out the front door along with the only other customer in the bakery at that particular time by a very concerned and apologetic Ohno who turned the 'Open 24hrs' sign to 'closed' for the first time since opening.

Nino was horrified by what had just happened and had a terrible feeling that it was somehow his fault.


"I'm fine," Jun protested pushing away Aiba's hands as he tried to prevent him standing up. "The paint fumes must have made me dizzy.

Chinen was enjoying his status as wounded hero, sitting back as the other employees plied him with cold packs for his bruises and medicinal cooking brandy to steady his nerves.

"You are not fine." Aiba wasn't training as a nurse for nothing. He had already learnt how to be firm when persuading someone to do something they didn't wish to do. "You are coming with me to the hospital for a check-up."

"But I can't afford it." Jun tried one last protest.

"You still have your insurance card from Sho don't you?" Aiba had been concerned about Jun's health since his arrival on his front doorstep and he was determined to make sure that everything was fine.

"No arguments. I'm not letting you work here again until you get the all clear," Ohno said, acting like the boss for the first time since Jun had started working there.


Aiba waited around impatiently while the doctor ran what seemed like an endless array of tests on his friend. Jun's constantly fatigued state and continuing dizziness obviously had them concerned.

Once the doctor had left, promising to return soon with a diagnosis, Aiba was allowed back in the room to keep Jun company.

He hadn't realized quite how well off Sho was until now. The private room that Jun was in was as luxurious as a top hotel suite. Light snacks and drinks were freely available and since Jun had refused to eat or drink anything Aiba made the most of it, hoovering up the tasty treats himself.

Jun barely noticed, his mind replaying the sounds of the familiar voice that he'd heard behind him. It couldn't have been a coincidence; there was no earthly reason for Sho's assistant Nino to be in that bakery unless he'd been sent to find him and bring him back home to Sho.

Of course he wanted to see his husband, but he didn't want this adventure to be over at the same time.


Aiba was amusing himself by catching grapes in his mouth after tossing them in the air when the doctor finally returned, almost choking himself in the process after being startled by her almost silent entry.

She patted him firmly on the back before saying "Honestly Sakurai-san you will have to be much calmer in future if you will be caring for your husband."

Jun blushed as Aiba nodded. The only way that Aiba had been permitted to stay was by pretending to be Jun's husband.

"A pregnant person needs as much support as possible from their partner," she added with a beaming smile.

"Pregnant?" Jun murmured faintly from the bed. He was thankful to already be lying down as the sounds of Aiba's excited shriek echoed in his ears.

After almost a year of desperately trying to get pregnant, this news couldn't possibly have come at a worse time.

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From: [personal profile] yukitsubute

Oh, Jun is already pregnant. I hope he's fine.

Thanks for the update ❤

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omg kyaaaa thank you mommmy 💜💜💜 poor chinen lolz its like Ans all over again hahaha

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Aaaaa...why it's stop in the climax???? I'm really waiting for the next

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omg my.....new really came at a bad time...i mean i love that Jun is pregnant but i worry for jun...i hope everything can be fixed...

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Date: 2017-03-21 04:56 pm (UTC)
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Dang. Terrible timing for a baby :/
Shun, thank you for punching Sho :))))))))))) I've wanted someone to do that since the beginning of the fic xD
I'm glad Jun is working and feeling good at Ohno's bakery, but now I'm afraid that Sho will try to take him back home oh no D:
I'll trust Nino to keep the situation under control!
Thanks for the update (although it felt too short ;A; I'm greedy!)
Something tells me I should get your stuff ready because you're coming back to the rock soon, right? bahahahahahha!

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Poor bb! :( But it's understandable, given the circumstances.
Oh, I'm sure it won't be the only time someone does it. I have that feeling xD

Really? Still not talking? I swear I saw them making out just the other night! D: (though I guess there wasn't much talking involved, hmmm....)
And yeah, can't disagree with Jun. As much as I like fluffy butts, we'll have to replace all of Sho's pants if he keeps eating like this. Can't do that after Jun bought that other bonsai.

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Date: 2017-03-21 05:25 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lilly0
Ohhhh, so much happened. First of all, Shun <3 I love him for being such a protective older brother. I'm happy that Jun has some support from him. Aiba is awesome, and Ohno too. I love how Jun made his first steps in his independent life, though I know he has to stop running away from his problems with Sho at one point. I hope they can solve everything.
Woah at Shun punching Sho though (and may I just add that I really like Nino's role here. It's refreshing that he is Sho's assistant. That's a completely new approach, and I kind of like that we have Sho and Nino as friends this time. Nino doesn't shy away from telling Sho he is stupid, but still supports him <3)
OMG at the ending. So... Jun indeed is pregnant!! (Oh and Sho sleeps with Jun's pillow in his arms? Aw. I feel sorry for him too now...)
Thanks so much for this update <3

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From: [identity profile] sweetrose501.livejournal.com
oh my god ! jun is Pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love the idea that Shun is jun older brother ( By the way he is super handsome i'm one of his fan)
i hope that sho will not be stupid and force jun to comeback to him once he know that jun is pregnant**

waiting for the next chapter^^

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Date: 2017-03-22 01:32 am (UTC)
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And there comes the news. Oh dear, poor Jun. He's probably frightened that Sho will take him away the minute Sho finds out that Jun is pregnant.
Ahaha yay Sho got punched. ;3 he deserves it. And poor Nino might be feeling a bit guilty as well.
.... Ah well, it's all a big mess, tbh.
Meanwhile Ohno, Aiba and Chinen (LOL balloon) are <3.
Next chapter~~~~~~~~~~<3 please? *Sparkly eyes*

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HAHA I can be patient :3 thank you very much. I'll see you next week then! *Flings Smexy Sakumoto Cookies over to the running figure*

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omg kyaaaa thank you mommmy 💜💜💜 poor chinen lolz its like Ans all over again hahaha

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From: [identity profile] utmatsakumiya.livejournal.com
omg kyaaaa thank you mommmy 💜💜💜 poor chinen lolz its like Ans all over again hahaha

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Date: 2017-03-22 12:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hsiahsirafzi.livejournal.com
i think jun ran away partly because of his hormone imbalance. but i'm happy he got pregnant. but it will be hard for him given the circumstances he's in right at the moment. i hope everything will be fine. oh i can never resist pregnant jun. hihihi. looking forward to next chapter. thank you for writing

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Date: 2017-03-22 03:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ivenclaire.livejournal.com

It seems like Sho's problem is not only about him being an insensitive husband. I can also sense some family pressure here. If he wants to win Jun back he really needs to man up and face his family properly.

On a different note,  Jun is pregnant! I know the timing is quite bad,  but still a baby is a blessing. I was quite worried when Jun couldn't get pregnant even after almost a year of trying。 What if the carrier test was incorrect? But now I'm happy that it's not the case and I was just overthinking, which is sadly a bad habit of mine.

The cut was cruel but necessary. Can't wait for next Tuesday!

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Date: 2017-03-23 10:00 pm (UTC)
leiva21: (juntoshiback)
From: [personal profile] leiva21
I was expecting Jun to get pregnant but this soon, well, a certain time must have passed between him running away and working diligently in the bakery.
I love that Ohno thought of giving Jun time to ease into a job by redecorating the part of the bakery, it's something that might not get Jun so stress out since it's the first job he ever had.
Shun punching Sho~ ahaha I should be sorry for Sho but I'm not really XD
Sho should give Nino a big fat bonus for finding Jun
Thanks for this chapter, now I want to know Sho's reaction when he found out about the thing he awaited the most is now in Jun's belly

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Date: 2017-03-24 07:39 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] leiva21
Ah no wonder (since Sho got Jun into baby making almost everyday, one of the sperm must got through eventually XD) and it makes sense that Jun got too overwhelmed by Sho's treatment of him until he took that decision. Hormones can do that XD

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Date: 2017-03-28 02:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] itskimberlyjoy.livejournal.com
(This comment was supposed to be for the 2nd chapter but I'm me)

That law that requires Carriers to be married by the age 20 really made my eyebrow raised and lips twitch! Seriously, wtf?! Now I understand why Jun seemed to just gave up in studying. Why would he exert so much effort when he knows he might end up with a man who'll just see him as a baby making machine. I know not all men are like that and some might support their husbands' chosen career but look (!) he ended up with a low key oppressor and kinda piece of shit (yeah you, Sho)

I am grateful for the people around Jun who really supports him.
Aiba who recognized his bestfriend's troubles immediately and just offered his support and acknowledge that Jun needs to live his life first.
Ohno for being an accidental friend to Jun. Thank you fro giving the oppurtunity for Jun to grow
Shun, I was really worried that he might dismiss Jun's feelings and side with Sho but thankgoodness he acknowledge his brother's feelings.
Nino for being the reasonable one. I'm just not so sure after he finds out that Jun is pregnant.

That pregnancy is something all of us have predicted. To be honest, as much as I love preg!Jun, this is so not the time for it. This pregnancy will just restrict him from doing more things for himself. I am also afraid that he might have a moment weakness and crawl back to Sho.
Sho (thru Nino bec his secretary is amazing) will find out Jun is pregnant and drag Jun back to him.
I am also afraid that Sho will just want Jun back because he is finally getting what he wants (a baby) and not because he truly is regretful and misses Jun dearly. I want Sho to sufffffeeeer. Please let him be on his knees. The road to pregnancy wasnt a pleasant experience to Jun so make Sho suffffffffer.

Thank you very much for starting another series ❤️

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Date: 2017-03-31 09:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yuuki-73.livejournal.com
I don't know.. I have the impression that this chapter ended so fast! I was enjoy so much all the interactions and then, cliffhanger!! LOL


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