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So...sorry if I have been worrying some of you lately.

Since I came back from my holiday I was sick for a couple of weeks and since then I've been feeling a bit down.

I know that I have been kind of quiet recently (but I figured that you guys might need a bit of a break from me too).

I had lots of problems writing my Arashi exchange fic and it kind of depressed me and frustrated me. (That's why I didn't sign up for Kitto Slut Party this year.)

I think I need to write some stupidly fluffy drabbles or something to cheer myself up and help me to get my mojo back.

So if anyone has any drabble prompts for me please drop them in the comments.

Any pairing and any suggestions, no matter how odd or random would be appreciated.


Wish Meme

Apr. 22nd, 2017 08:40 am
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I love this idea that [personal profile] lilly0 came up with. I think that this is exactly what we all need right now.

So I am tagging you guys [personal profile] lilly0, [personal profile] rollingday_s, [personal profile] akhikaru, [personal profile] antimiya88, [personal profile] reveetoile, [personal profile] cielmelodies, [personal profile] sky_fish7, [personal profile] leiva21, plus anyone else who comes across this and finds something they like. The more people the merrier as far as I am concerned.

• List 1-10 pairings/prompts that you have been dying to read. Maybe it's a really rare pairing or something you've requested on any of the past smut memes/exchanges/etc which haven't been fulfilled.

• When you see this posted on your friends' journals, you may do one of the following:
- Write it.
- Link to one that's already been written, whether by you or someone else.
- Nothing, but karma will get you. :P (just kidding! Nothing will get you ;-) This is just for the fun of it)

• There are no length or rating limits, and prompts may be duplicated (PLEASE). Be specific in your prompts particularly in reference to any requirements that may hinder your appreciation of the fic.

• There is no deadline for this, but once your ten prompts have been written to your satisfaction you are welcome to make a new post starting over. You may write your own prompts if you want. If your tastes change, you can certainly switch out one prompt for another at any time.

My Wish List
(prompts can be taken multiple times of course)

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Hello to everyone *waves*

I am still using LJ as my main account but from now on I will post my new fics here too.

Since I imported everything from LJ none of the links etc. will work.

I will gradually be working my way backwards and fixing everything up and I am in the process of updating my Masterpost to work over here (a mammoth job that is making my brain hurt and probably giving me a drinking problem. Why have I written so much stuff???? *whimper*).

So I basically just wanted to say howdy, especially to any new people who have subscribed to me that I haven't met before. I hope that I can make some awesome new friends here.

Oh, and if anyone has any prompts that they want to chuck my way I am always happy to see if I can come up with something for you.


Feb. 25th, 2017 10:01 am
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I just now happened to glance at my statistics and saw that I have posted exactly 100 entries!

*pops champagne and takes a big swig*

This is so much hard work but also the most fun I have ever had. I sincerely hope that I can continue with this and that my brain doesn't just go completely blank of inspiration one day. But if it does I hope that I can count on my friends to throw enough prompts at me to kick start me on my way again.

Can I also take this opportunity to thank everyone for the nominations at [profile] arafanficaward? I am honoured to be listed alongside writers who are my greatest inspirations. Thank you for making me feel loved. I promise to work hard in the future as well.

So *ahem* basically there's nothing to see here except some self-indulgent ramblings. Sorry if you thought this was going to be something of interest.

Oh, and finally can I just say how much I love the new friends that I have made since I began writing? Well I guess I just did. *mwah*

And one final thank you to Matsumoto Jun, my original inspiration and the reason why I learned to love Arashi so much (and also how to write what is a staggeringly large amount of smut).
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A year ago I made a resolution to post one story a week for a year.
And you know what? I actually did it!
I have posted 88 entries in the last twelve months.
Who knew that my brain contained so much stuff?

Even though my self-imposed task is over I will continue to bring you the product of my sometimes empty head. Perhaps not weekly, I would like to be able to enjoy the luxury of taking a little longer to write my fics, but still hopefully on a regular basis. (Of course No Love Match will be posted weekly until completed - three chapters to go. I'm still in shock that I managed to write a complete chaptered fic - something that I always swore I would never do.)

Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting over the past year. It's been quite the ride.

Nobody is obliged to read this. I am just leaving this here for myself, so that I know that for the first time in my life I actually managed to keep a New Year's resolution and complete it.

Yay me ❤
(I complete me. Bahahahahahahahah!)
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Hi friends

Some of you may know that at the beginning of the year I made a resolution to post one story a week for an entire year.

I've now made it half way.

I hope that my storytelling has improved at least a little after so much writing. I am still learning as I go and drawing inspiration from my new friends and their wonderful stories.

I feel very privileged to have been accepted so warmly into the Arashi fandom and have had nothing but positive experiences in these last six months.

As I still have a long way to go and I'm sure that my brain will run out of ideas eventually, please feel free to chuck me any prompts that you think I might be able to write for you. I can't promise to fill them soon, but I will do my best.

So yes, this post is basically me pimping for prompts and offering up a big thank you to everyone who reads my stories.

Hugs to you all and here's cheers for another successful six months. I couldn't do it without your support. 💚💜💛💙❤
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I can't believe that someone nominated my first ever fanfic for Best Drabble at the Arashi Fanfictions Awards.

I think I am going into hiding. It was the first thing I ever wrote and posted and I am kind of embarrassed to read it now. There are so many improvements I would make if I could do it over, and everyone else's stories that have been nominated are so much better.

But on the other hand..... kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....runs around the room with shirt pulled over her head like a footballer who's just scored at the world cup.....

*pauses with a serious look*

Thank you to whoever nominated me. I will do my best to work harder from now on.

*runs off screaming*


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