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Pairing: Juntoshi

Genre: Romance, angst

Rating: PG to NC-17

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Arashi or its members – this is a work of fiction.

Summary: He was sure about the fact that he was deeply in love, but unsure of the response of the object of his affections.

Note: Hi [personal profile] lilly0. In your wish meme you asked for Ohno taking Jun's virginity and here it is...in a few chapters time...sorry for being a tease (but not really). *hugs*

Heavy snow began to fall as the hunched figure trudged across the field. Satoshi had been enjoying his day off by attempting to fish in his favourite stream. His friends had told him that he was crazy trying at this time of year, but the weather had been perfectly fine when he set out.

Since he had bought the coffee shop deep in the forest he hadn’t found much time for himself. During winter it was packed with skiers on their way up or down the mountain nearby and during summer it was full of hikers, tired and thirsty from carrying too much gear in their packs.

He was happy enough with his life though, away from the city. His main source of income had always been his art and since he had moved he had hoped to find inspiration in the wild landscape which surrounded him.

The failure of his last relationship had been the catalyst for the move. He wanted to escape the memories of the last twelve years – happy memories which had been destroyed when he’d returned home early one day and found his boyfriend “entertaining” a strange man in their bed. After a lot of shouting , crying and broken crockery, he’d realised this had not been for the first time. He’d packed some essentials and fled to his manager’s apartment. He had more than enough money to buy the business and had left the apartment and its contents to his ex, since everything they’d shared, even the furniture and especially their bed seemed tainted.

He would have been happy to just buy a small house somewhere in the country, cut himself off from the rest of the world and paint for the rest of his days, but his always wise manager had reminded him that at only thirty five he would be facing a very long time alone. It had also been his suggestion for Satoshi to buy the coffee shop as it meant that he would be his own boss and it would give him contact with other people on a regular basis. The business was successful enough for him to employ part time staff which allowed him the freedom to paint when he felt like it, but lately he had been in a dry spell. Even the ever changing beauty of the mountains hadn't been enough to stimulate him and he hadn’t felt inspired enough by anything to start a new piece for far too long.


The snow was really getting worse and it was hard to see where he was going as he had his eyes scrunched almost shut to protect them from the wind which was driving it with some force. The weather conditions combined with the fact that as he walked he was spacing out thinking about how every snowflake was different and wondering if it would be possible to paint them accurately led to him tripping over a large bump in the path. As he landed he was shocked to hear the “bump” groan as he landed on it. He soon realised that he had landed on a person. Exactly what type of person it was kind of hard to tell, since it was coated in a thick layer of snow. As he brushed the snow away he realised that the figure was male, with lips that were blue from the cold.

He knew that he would have to get him out of the weather before hypothermia killed him. Satoshi was only a small man in stature but with a strong muscular body so picking up the man wasn’t too difficult. In fact he realised as he picked him up, he seemed to be much lighter than expected. Fortunately they weren’t too far from his shop which had obviously closed early due to the foul weather and he managed to stagger there without dropping him.

Even though his burden wasn't excessively heavy, it was quite hard to walk through the snow. He was almost completely exhausted by the time he managed to unlock the door and could only manage to carry the unconscious man as far as the bench seat next to the fireplace. He hastily stoked up the fire and went upstairs to his apartment in search of towels and blankets.

As he began to remove the wet clothes from the stranger’s body he realised why he had been so easy to carry, he was far too thin with prominent ribs and fresh bruising on his torso and down his arms and legs. After rubbing him dry he wrapped him in his warmest blankets and gently lifted him once again and placed him closer to the fire while he went to make some hot drinks for them both.

The tightly wrapped bundle stirred and coughing sounds emerged from its depths. Satoshi hurried back and loosened the blankets slightly. A head covered with wavy black hair emerged. He guessed that his visitor was probably only around seventeen or so, with pale white skin and two flished red cheeks. Satoshi placed his hand gently on the pale forehead, horrified as realised the colour was being caused by a high fever.

Two large brown eyes framed with long dark lashes gazed up at him with a slightly glazed expression. In between coughs Satoshi managed to get some hot tea laced with honey down his patient's throat after he placed a fever patch on the young man’s forehead.

“You fell on me," the teenager rasped in a strained voice.

“I didn’t see you on the path.”

“You almost squashed me. Perhaps you're too old to be wandering around by yourself without a guide dog.”

“If I hadn’t, you could be dead by now, and I wasn't too old to carry you all the way here. So I think you should be at least a bit grateful. ”

The two large brown eyes were glaring at Satoshi now with a fierce intensity in between more coughing.

“Thanks, I guess.”

Satoshi introduced himself to his truculent guest who responded with “Jun”.

“No family name?”

“I don’t have a family anymore.” Jun replied in a flat voice.

Satoshi would have enquired more but the young man’s eyes had already closed again as he fell into a feverish sleep. He once again lifted Jun and carried him upstairs and placed him in his own bed, without pausing to wondering why it felt so natural to be once again holding the fragile young man in his arms.

Jun was bathed in sweat underneath the blankets so Satoshi stripped him down once again and wiped his body with a damp cloth, hoping to reduce the fever. As he did so Jun began to toss restlessly, his murmured words gradually becoming louder in his fever driven haze.

"Please, don't hurt them. I don't care what you do to me, just leave them alone. Please father, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..." Jun's voice trailed off into heaving sobs as he lifted his arms in front of his face as if to ward off heavy blows.

Satoshi's heart hurt to see the absolute despair and distress that was weighing down his visitor. Smoothing back the sweaty hair from his forehead, he hummed a barely remembered lullaby as he soothed him into a calmer sleep.

After once again tucking him under the covers Satoshi went and called the local doctor who also happened to be one of his best friends.

Toma came round immediately and wanted to take the young man to hospital but Satoshi had a feeling that after hearing the fear in his voice, it would perhaps be best to care for Jun himself. Toma reluctantly agreed but made his friend promise to call him immediately if Jun's condition worsened.

"Satoshi, you don't know anything about him. Are you really sure that you want to do this?"

"Something about him makes me feel like he needs my help."

"He has recently been badly beaten by someone. You've seen the bruising. Do you think it's wise to get involved? What if whoever did it comes here looking for him?"

"That's exactly why I want to protect him. Please don't tell anyone that he's here."

"Okay." Toma reluctantly agreed knowing that when Satoshi was in stubborn mode then nothing could persuade him to change his mind, adding "You know I'll do anything for you. Just make sure you remember to ask for help if you need it."

Satoshi smiled his thanks and showed the doctor out, before returning to his bedroom and the feverish young man. Jun was stirring restlessly in his sleep, coughing so hard that he was having trouble breathing. Satoshi sat on the side of the bed and woke him gently helping him to sit up before giving him a dose of the medicine that Toma had left for him. Jun unconsciously leant into his body as if seeking comfort. Satoshi hugged him until he fell asleep again before gently laying him back down on the bed. He spent the rest of the night monitoring his temperature and wondering exactly what his story was.

Note: Soooo, a chaptered Juntoshi... *shuffles feet nervously*

Just a short opening chapter to set the scene. I haven't really thought this one through properly so posting might be a bit erratic,, but I have been sitting on this for ages and figured that if I don't start posting it I will never finish. I hope you can bear with me.
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