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Pairing: Sakumoto

Rating: This chapter NC-17

Genre: m-preg, romance, au

Disclaimer: This is entirely fiction, and couldn’t exist anywhere else but in my head.

Summary: Sakurai Sho has always achieved everything he's ever wanted in his successful business life. Why is it so different in his personal life? Sho has no idea that anything is even wrong with his marriage until he comes home one night and finds his young husband gone. Will he be able to find Jun and make things right between them again?

Previously: CH 1, CH 2, CH 3, CH 4, CH 5, CH 6, CH 7, CH 8, CH 9, CH 10, CH 11

Jun was almost buried under a pile of invoices, sketches and reports as he sat at his desk in the corner of Sakurai Industries branch office.

The renovation of the apartment block was coming on slowly but in a most satisfactory fashion. The work had been progressing over the last six weeks and Jun was now eight and a half months pregnant. Sho was becoming more and more agitated that he continued to work but he himself figured that sitting at a desk in the office or making occasional tours of the work site was not going to harm him.

They had argued quite a few times over the past week as Sho stressed over Jun being exposed to paint fumes or being around power tools, but there was no way that he was going to give up on something that he was enjoying so much.

"Are you crazy?"

Jun jumped at the sound of a familiar voice.

"Hi Shun. What's your problem?"

"Sho told me, but I didn't believe him. You're having a baby in six weeks and you're still working?" Shun pinned Jun down with a steely stare.

"Did you just come here to lecture me?"

"No, I came to take you to lunch if you can spare me the time."

"I can spare you the time as long as you aren't going to spend the whole of lunch lecturing me," Jun said sulkily.

"Okay. Truce," Shun said holding his hands up in surrender. "But perhaps we should invite Sho as well?"

"He's in Tokyo with Nino today," Jun replied as he carefully levered himself out of his chair. He was frustrated with the unwieldy shape of his body which made every movement an effort.

"Do you need a hand?" Shun asked wanting to help his brother.

"Do you want to lose one?" Jun snapped.

"Wow, someone gets cranky when they're hungry," Shun laughed, backing away in mock terror.

As if to underline Shun's words Jun's stomach rumbled loudly, making both of them laugh and breaking the tense atmosphere in a moment.


"I hate to say this baby brother, but you look really tired," Shun said as he watched Jun demolishing his Margarita pizza.

"Thanks," Jun replied sarcastically. "I always appreciate you turning up at random times to tell me how bad I look."

"I mean it. You have to take care of yourself. The baby books all say that you should take this time to get lots of rest because when the baby comes you won't have the opportunity," Shun said as he munched on a piece of garlic bread.

Jun put down his forkful of tomato salad and looked at Shun with astonishment. "You've been reading baby books?"

"I'm about to become an uncle for the first time and I want to do it right."

Jun swallowed the lump in his throat and blinked away his sudden tears, touched by his brother’s concern. "I think I know my own body better than anyone else."

"Fine, but just remember it's not just you that you have to worry about, you're responsible for my niece or nephew's wellbeing too."


The work was gradually progressing through the floors. Aiba's place had been painted in soft shades of spring green, during which time he'd slept in the soon to be utilised nursery. He had said that the purple walls in there made him feel calm and happy.

Nino's apartment on the same floor was now a warm yellow. He'd spent a week at Ohno's place while the work was being done, seemingly no longer afraid for people to know that they were together. He'd complained bitterly about the cheerful colour scheme, saying that he had to wear his sunglasses indoors to protect his eyesight. But Jun hadn't missed the smile that blossomed across his face when he when he saw it for the first time and thought that no one was looking.

Now the work had moved to the floor where Jun and Sho's apartment was. Jun wasn't sure about having to move elsewhere while the work was completed; he wanted to be close at hand to supervise. Theirs was the last floor to be done since the floor above was entirely owned by the mysterious Gackt-san who hadn’t even been seen by any of them for weeks.


"This isn't right. The paint is the wrong colour," Jun told the painters as he held up a sample of the correct shade. The hallway was crowded with ladders and drop cloths and the lack of air combined with paint fumes was making things tilt slightly as he tried to focus.

"Jun, we were supposed to have lunch together twenty minutes ago," Aiba complained from the far end of the hall. When Jun hadn't turned up at his apartment he'd known exactly where to look for him.

Jun turned to him, his face as pale as the white overalls that the painters were wearing and staggered slightly before collapsing onto the floor in a heap.


Sho slid the door to the hospital room open with a bang, before rushing over to the pale figure sitting up in the bed. He grabbed Jun and hugged him tightly, before pulling away far enough to examine his face, eager to reassure himself that he was unharmed.

Then his face screwed up in anger, "Are you happy now? I told you that you were working too hard. Shun told you the same and everyone else who cares about you did too and yet you continued to work until you collapsed!"

Jun, who was so stunned by Sho's outburst found himself unable to reply. He was already feeling so guilty and angry with himself for putting their baby at risk and now his husband probably hated him as well.

Aiba tried to calm Sho down, but he found himself being firmly bundled from the room, the door slamming shut behind him. He immediately called Nino, who apart from Jun, seemed to be the only one capable of calming Sho down in these sorts of situations.


Jun shrank back on the bed as Sho approached him with eyes almost incandescent with rage. He bit down on his lower lip to try and control its tremble but it was impossible to hold back the sob that still managed to make its way out from between his clenched jaws.

The fire in Sho's eyes was instantly quenched as he sat on the bed and pulled Jun into his arms, rocking him slowly as his body was wracked with tears.

"Shhh, Beauty. I didn't mean to yell at you. I was just so afraid for you and our little cherry tomato," Sho said as he rubbed Jun's back. "I was terrified when Aiba told me that you fainted. I love you and our baby so very much and I couldn't bear the thought of losing either one of you."

"I'm so sorry," Jun sobbed. "I was so determined to make this job a success and prove myself to you that I forgot about looking after our baby."

"Please don't cry anymore. The doctor said that you're both fine, but no more work until our baby comes," Sho said as he wiped Jun's cheeks and kissed his trembling lips. "And I think that you need to get away from here for a while and get some fresh air into your lungs."

"I think we all do," piped up Ohno from the doorway. He was accompanied by Nino who looked ready for a fight and Aiba who was glaring at Sho, concerned by his earlier outburst. "I think that since I haven't had a holiday in five years, Aiba is on vacation from school and Nino most definitely deserves a good holiday after putting up with your bad temper for so many years we should all go together. That way the building can be finished, nobody breathes in fumes, everyone can watch out for Jun and you both will be nice and relaxed for when it's time for the baby to arrive."

Everyone was looking at Ohno in astonishment. It was the largest quantity of words that they'd ever heard him say at one time and he wasn't finished yet. "I have a cabin in the mountains that we will all fit in. The trees are just changing colour and the air is fresh and clean. If Sho-san agrees I think we can head there for a week or two."

"But what about the bakery?" Nino asked, stunned that Ohno owned yet other property apart from the bakery and an apartment.

"My uncle will be more than happy to take care of it for a couple of weeks. He taught me everything I know and he makes the offer on a regular basis saying that it would give my aunt a break for a while. They love each other but since he retired he drives her crazy."

"I don't know about Jun sitting in a car for such a long drive," Sho said hesitantly.

Jun's excited expression instantly changed to one of deep disappointment, which made everyone else in the room turn and glare at Sho who seemed to shrink into himself with the force of their stares.

"But if his doctor says it's safe then I can't see why not," he hastily added earning an approving nod from Nino who had obviously been ready to say something and was only being stopped by Ohno's steadying hand on his arm.


The hired minivan made good progress until they turned off onto the much narrower road that obviously led to Ohno's fishing cabin. He was driving and Jun had been installed in the passenger seat with a soft cushion behind the small of his back. The doctor had immediately agreed to the proposed journey, saying that the fresh forest air would do Jun better than spending any more time cooped up in bed. She had recommended him taking some gentle walks and getting plenty of rest. Actually she'd sounded more than a little jealous of the proposed holiday.

Jun gasped in surprise when they finally reached their destination. The cabin was large and sprawling, surrounded by neatly manicured gardens and trees that were beginning change to their autumn colouring.

"This is your cabin? I was picturing something a little more rustic."

"My grandfather on my mother's side left it to me. He was a very keen fisherman. It's belonged to the family for generations, each one adding on to the building," Ohno replied proudly.


Jun sighed happily and leant back against a solid and warm body as he felt two strong arms wrap themselves around his expanded waist.

"Enjoying it?" Sho whispered into Jun's ear as he gave him a squeeze.

"It's beautiful," Jun replied, laughing quietly as he watched Aiba rushing around gathering wood for the fire and Nino gingerly picking up the odd twig to add to the collection. It wasn't really cold enough since it was only September, but they all (except Nino) agreed that a fire was romantic and Aiba wanted to toast marshmallows.

"You're the one who is beautiful," Sho replied, turning Jun around to face him and kissing him softly on the cheek.

"Less smooching and more wood gathering," Nino snarked as he walked past, making a big deal of the tiny branch he was carrying. Over the past few months he had developed a genuine friendship with not only Jun but Sho as well, leaving him comfortable enough to tease his employer without fear of retribution.

"Even I could carry that. How about looking for something a bit more useful yourself?" Jun said as he snatched the twig from Nino's hand earing himself a martyred huff from Nino.


“Well, I think it’s time to go to bed now,” Nino said stretching his arms and back with an exaggerated yawn.

Ohno, who was busy tying fishing lures looked up at the clock and looked back at Nino with amusement. “It’s only nine o’clock.”

“Yes but you had a long drive,” Nino said, tugging on Ohno’s sleeve and bunching his eyebrows together. He was looking forward to trying out the double shower attached to their bedroom.

Ohno wisely decided that teasing Nino any further could possibly be hazardous to his health and finally put down his half constructed lure and followed his boyfriend to bed.

Aiba was still stuffing himself with toasted marshmallows, handing every second one to Sho while Jun sat in the most comfortable armchair torn between chastising them for eating so much sugar and asking for some more for himself.

When Sho looked at Jun a few minutes later from his position on the floor in front of the fire he was happy to see that Jun had dozed off with a contented smile on his face. His cheeks were a healthy pink and he looked so very beautiful in the firelight.

“He looks well, doesn’t he” Aiba asked softly, obviously captivated by Jun as well. “I’m happy that he’s finally agreed to put work on hold until after the birth.”

“And I thought it was just me who was nagging him about that,” Sho replied.

“Of course not, but you’re the only one that he actually listens to,” Aiba replied with a small sigh. “When he ran away from you and came to stay with me I thought that you must be the worst person in the world. But now I can see just how much you love him and want to protect him. I know it’s been hard for you over these past few months but he really is much happier now that he’s found a measure of independence. I just hope that once the baby is born you won’t lock him away at home again.”

“Do you really think that this new version of my husband would allow me to even try?” Sho asked as he stood and arched his back, feeling a little stiff from sitting on the floor for too long. “And do you really think that I would ever want us to go back to the bad old ways?”

Aiba shook his head and put the fireguard carefully in place before taking his leave. It had taken all of his courage to speak to Sho in that way but he was satisfied with the man’s answers. It seemed that his friend’s future was in safe hands.


“Jun my love,” Sho said as he stroked Jun’s cheek to wake him, “You can’t sleep here.”

“Why not?” Jun grumbled with a pout.

“Well firstly because your back will be broken by morning but mostly because I want to sleep with you in my arms,” Sho reasoned.

Jun looked up at him with eyes that looked larger than ever as he pulled Sho down to him for a kiss, “Then you’ll have to haul me out of this chair, I think I’m stranded.” The chair was too soft to allow Jun enough leverage to get up out of its squashy embrace.

Sho grabbed both of Jun’s hands and pulled him up laughing as he did so. He knew that Jun would be offended but he was just too cute when he was like this. It wasn’t even as though Jun’s baby bump was particularly large and he hadn’t even gained much extra weight, but his whole centre of gravity had shifted, making it easy for him to lose his balance as he tried to adjust to the difference.

“I’d contain that laughter if you were planning on getting into my pants tonight,” Jun warned with a glare.

Sho’s eyes twinkled as he opened his mouth to reply but Jun cut him off. “And don’t even think about saying that there’s definitely no room left for you in my pants anyway since my ass is so huge these days.”

Sho snorted with laughter at Jun’s accurate take on what he’d just been about to say earning another side glare from his husband. It seemed that they were both more relaxed than they had been in months, something that he would be eternally grateful to Ohno and their friends for.


Jun was muttering to himself and red-faced when he returned to their bedroom from the shower room down the hallway. He was trying to tug his robe far enough around to cover his belly, but with little success. "Stupid robe. It must have shrunk in the wash. It fit me perfectly last week."

As Jun turned one way and then the other running his hands over the silky material covering his belly Sho was suddenly finding it much harder to breathe. He had read in one of his numerous baby books about pregnant people blooming as the birth neared but he hadn't expected that Jun would be quite so sexy at the same time.

"What?" Jun asked as he caught Sho's gaze.

"You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," Sho replied huskily as he moved close enough to Jun to be able to breathe in the spicy scent of his cologne mixed with the sweet fragrance of his skin.

"You call this beautiful?" Jun mumbled, "I can't even see my feet."

"Can you feel how excited you make me?" Sho asked as he moved behind Jun wrapping him in his arms and pressing his stiffening member against his hip.

Jun closed his eyes and leant against his husband's strong form giving in to the pleasure that began to spark through his own body as Sho caressed his sensitive nipples through the thin fabric of the robe. "Hmm I can feel something but I think I need to explore this further," he said as he reached behind him and cupped Sho's growing erection in his hand.


Sho had Jun positioned sitting right on the very edge of the bed as he knelt on the floor between his knees stroking moisturizing lotion onto his feet and ankles slowly working his way upwards towards Jun's knees, making sure to not miss even a millimetre of his smooth skin. Jun wriggled impatiently but Sho ignored him as he stroked his fingers along Jun's inner thighs before tickling his fingers over Jun's hipbones, carefully avoiding Jun's straining cock as he did so.

He spent the most time on Jun's swollen belly where the skin was stretched taut, pressing soft kisses and smiling to himself as he felt kicks against his lips as if their baby was jealous of the attention that Jun was receiving. Just the feeling of running his hands over the silky skin was making his own cock painfully hard.

"Do you have any idea of how sexy you are like this? How the curve of your belly almost makes me come undone?" Sho asked as he rubbed his cheek against Jun, sucking lightly on his belly button in such a way as to make Jun shudder with pleasure.

Sho pulled Jun forwards, capturing his lips in an open-mouthed kiss, tangling their tongues together as he enjoyed with sweet minty fragrance of his breath. He continued to work with the moisturiser, running his hands up Jun’s muscular arms and along the sides of his chest before rubbing his fingertips teasingly across Jun’s small pink nipples.

“S-Sho please,” Jun begged after a few more minutes of attention. He took Sho’s hand and pressed it between his legs, wordlessly asking for more, desperate to be filled. “I need you.”

Sho ceased nibbling on the side of Jun's neck and immediately obliged. He moved away slightly, grabbing the lube from under his pillow before returning to Jun and beginning to gently slide his fingers between his buttocks.


Jun breathed deeply as he lowered himself down onto Sho's cock, faltering slightly but Sho's hands were on his hips helping to steady him. Sho's eyes were blown wide with lust as he lay on his back looking up at Jun, panting through his parted lips as he held perfectly still until Jun was properly balanced.

Jun's hands were resting on Sho's shoulders, supporting most of his weight, with his knees taking the rest of the burden. It wasn't the most comfortable of positions but with the size of his belly now, their options were becoming more limited.

The feeling of Sho's thick cock resting deep inside him made Jun release an involuntary moan even before he started to move. Jun felt as if he was the one holding all the power as Sho bit down hard on his bottom lip and moved his hands, stroking them over his baby bump with an unfocused gaze.

"So gorgeous," Sho murmured as Jun began to rock slowly lifting up ever so slightly before dropping back down again. He was completely captivated by the sight of Jun, red-faced and messy-haired and beyond beautiful.

Their lovemaking was tender, their eyes locked as their bodies moved together in a slow dance of mutual passion. Jun leant forward as much as he could, pinning Sho’s hands on either side of his head, their fingers entwined as he captured his parted lips in a lingering kiss as Sho stretched upwards to meet him.

As Jun continued his slow movements Sho folded his legs upwards, planting his feet firmly on the mattress. Jun leant backwards slightly using Sho’s knees for support as he braced himself with one hand on Sho’s strong thigh.

Holding Sho’s gaze Jun reached down and ran his other hand along his own cock, stroking along its length with slow and deliberate movements. His eyes were half closed in pleasure as he bit his lower lip, making it slick and red as he continued to undulate on Sho’s lap.

The sight of Jun touching himself in such a way almost made Sho come right then, making him breathe in sharply and groan as he tried to restrain himself. Jun was obviously aware of the affect he was having as he smiled at Sho before slowing down the speed of his movements of both his hips and his hand on his cock until he was hardly moving at all.

By an unspoken mutual agreement they tried to make the moment last as long as they could, but eventually Sho couldn’t restrain himself from thrusting up into Jun, gripping his hips once again and holding him in place as he fucked up into him.

“Touch yourself for me,” Sho said as he found exactly the right angle to make Jun cry out and collapse backwards, supporting most of his weight on Sho’s thighs.

Jun instantly obeyed, stroking himself in time with Sho’s thrusts, gazing at Sho with eyes as dark as a night sky, whimpering as he felt his orgasm building in the pit of his stomach.

With a loud cry of Sho’s name, Jun came, releasing his cum over Sho’s stomach as he was jerked upwards with each thrust of Sho’s hips.

The feeling of Jun’s cum splashing over him was enough to make Sho lose himself as well, fucking up into Jun one last time before he came with a shudder holding Jun down tightly to his pelvis as he filled him with spurts of his own cum.

They remained in that position, joined together and gazing into each other’s eyes until Sho’s softening cock slipped out of Jun followed by a trickle of his own cum that made his thighs sticky.

Too tired at the moment to clean themselves up, they lay together on the crumpled sheets with their limbs in a comfortable tangle until their breathing returned to normal.

“I don’t deserve someone as wonderful as you,” Sho murmured as he placed a series of kisses on the side of Jun’s neck, nuzzling his ear and making Jun giggle at the ticklish puffs of breath on his heated skin.

“You do,” Jun replied. “Sometimes,” he added with a teasing smile.


"This has been such a fun time. I don't want to go home, ever." Aiba looked sad as he turned the chicken pieces over on the grill.

They were sitting under the roof of the outdoor area grilling meat on the barbecue as part of their last night celebrations. Jun was the only one sitting in a normal chair that Sho had carried out from the dining room as he insisted that it would be too uncomfortable for Jun to sit on the bench seats which had no back support. Nino had circumvented this by using Ohno as his own personal backrest and Aiba was too busy attending to the grill to sit down for longer than a minute at a time anyway.

Even though Jun was feeling embarrassed at the special treatment he had to admit that he needed this chair to support his aching back. At nine months pregnant he was now tiring more easily and finding that doing even the smallest task was taking him longer all the time. He'd maintained his routine of a daily walk though, enjoying the cool crisp air and the crunch of colourful leaves under his feet.

Nino looked at Jun's bulging belly and snorted, "If we stay here much longer we'll have to install a baby capsule in the van to bring the baby home with us and make Aiba ride home in the luggage compartment."

"Why me?" Aiba whined with a barely suppressed giggle as he served Jun with the choicest pieces of meat.

"The baby won't come that soon will it?" Sho asked in a panicked voice, pausing with a chicken drumstick halfway to his mouth.

"Don't worry, I'm not due for another four weeks," Jun said as he happily munched on his steak. "Nino is just teasing," he added with a warning glare at Nino who gazed back at him with feigned innocence.

Ohno poked Nino in the side and tried to make him eat a decent amount of food rather than just annoying the others.

Sho put down his plate and walked over to Jun and crouched down beside him. "Are you okay? Can I bring you another cushion or some more food?"

"I'm fine. In fact I've never felt better, except that our baby keeps using my bladder as a football." Jun winced as he felt another blow.

"That's great! I always wanted my son to play football," Sho joked.

While Sho and the others laughed, Jun heaved himself up and slowly made his way back into the cabin to use the bathroom. He didn't see the funny side of things quite like Sho did. He loved this baby and would be happy with either sex, but how would Sho and his family react if their firstborn wasn't the much longed for son and heir? Would they be just as pleased if he had a daughter?
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