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Pairing: Sakumoto

Rating: This chapter NC-17

Genre: m-preg, romance, au

Disclaimer: This is entirely fiction, and couldn’t exist anywhere else but in my head.

Summary: Sakurai Sho has always achieved everything he's ever wanted in his successful business life. Why is it so different in his personal life? Sho has no idea that anything is even wrong with his marriage until he comes home one night and finds his young husband gone. Will he be able to find Jun and make things right between them again?

Previously: CH 1, CH 2, CH 3, CH 4, CH 5, CH 6, CH 7, CH 8, CH 9, CH 10

Jun sighed and shifted in his seat, wanting to take his feet down from where they were resting on another chair, but he knew that Aiba would kill him. Even though he was only working four hour shifts at the bakery Ohno and his other workmates kept insisting on treating him like he was some sort of invalid, forcing him to sit down for ten minutes in the middle of each shift in Ohno’s office. Ohno also kept plying him with special treats made specifically to feed his continuing obsession with tomatoes.

As a matter of fact since the night that Jun had put Ohno and Nino together at Nino's apartment both of the other men had been in a contagiously good mood but neither of them had spoken a word to him about what went on between them after he left.

But Ohno had embarked on baking a whole range of heart shaped cookies, tarts, cakes and even bread rolls since that evening two weeks ago. Even the tomato jam tart that he was presently nibbling on was heart shaped.

It had been a disappointing two weeks in which Sho had made no mention of his future plans for the apartment building, continuing to go in to work as usual and leaving Jun seething with impatience mixed with frustration. He knew that he’d failed to make it absolutely clear to Sho that he wanted to help and if he was being perfectly honest with himself he was frightened of not being up to the task.


The bakery door opened and a pile of folders and boxes walked through the door, bumping into the doorframe on the way. At least that’s what it looked like to Jun who was standing behind the counter rearranging the eclairs with a pair of tongs. On a second glance he saw a pair of short legs below the moving mound of paperwork rushing forwards to help when he saw that the entire pile was about to crash to the floor.

“Nino? Did you do a ram-raid of a DIY home decoration store and make a run for it?” Jun asked as he grabbed a stack of fabric swatches and sample paint chips.

“Less humour and more helping,” Nino complained as he dumped the rest of the stuff onto the nearest free table.

Between them they managed to get everything balanced including a large cardboard tube of the kind that was used to carry drawings or plans safely.

“This is actually for your benefit,” Nino said as he collapsed into a chair.

“You wanted to give me more stuff to clean off the tables?” Jun asked as he flapped a cleaning cloth in Nino’s general direction before bringing him a restorative coffee.

“No, I wanted to repay you for what you did for Satoshi and I,” Nino said quietly as his ears turned bright red on the tips.

“Satoshi? So you two are back together again?”

“Yes, but don’t think that you are getting any details out of me,” Nino replied gruffly as he fiddled with the boxes on the table to avoid having to look Jun in the eyes. He studiously ignored Jun’s curious expression and diverted the attention back to the subject at hand. “These are the details of the apartments in our building. As you know they’re almost completely unsold apart from that weird guy Gackt-san who bought the penthouse apartment a few weeks ago and hasn’t been seen since and the only ones that have been rented yet are yours, Aiba's and mine," Nino said blithely skipping over the fact that he wasn't actually paying any rent.

"But won't Sho notice that this stuff is missing?"

"Nah, he's working on looking for suitable land to buy in Osaka to build the next apartment block. Sakurai-san senior wants the deal done by the end of the month, so Sho-san won't have time to notice anything."

"But I can't leave this here. I need time to come up with an idea that will work," Jun said as he looked at the pile in dismay. "I certainly can't take it home with me."

"Bring it to my place," Aiba said, popping up behind them and almost giving them a joint heart attack.

While Nino tried to recover his breath Aiba chirped, “Nino, Ohno-san saw you come in and asked me to come and get you. He said that he will be waiting in his office for you.” This was added with a suggestive eyebrow wiggle that Nino and Jun both ignored completely.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?” Jun asked. “I don’t want to disturb you when you’re studying.”

“You already have my spare key and I’m hardly ever in anyway,” Aiba said as he began to shove the teetering pile into an empty carton that had been sitting behind the counter waiting for recycling. “I’m leaving now so I’ll drop this stuff at home on my way to class.”

Jun managed to thank Aiba as he held the door open for him, but when he went to thank Nino he’d already disappeared in the direction of Ohno’s office at high speed.


It was surprisingly easy for Jun to find the time to go down to Aiba’s apartment and work on a plan for the redecoration of the apartments and the reception area of their building. He’d already had a vague idea of what he’d like to do to improve the place right from when they’d first moved in. Unfortunately he’d been unable to put his plans for their own place into action due to his issues with his pregnancy and his accident after his argument with Sho, apart from the nursery of course.

Sho had been most apologetic when he’d hesitantly told him that he had to go to Osaka for three days in a weeks’ time and Jun had done his best to disguise his relief that he would have time to work undisturbed.

And now that the plans were all done and in Nino’s safekeeping, Jun was feeling suddenly quite exhausted. He was now seven months pregnant and needing more sleep than ever. The doctors had warned him of this occurring in the last few months. A male’s ten month pregnancy was almost always difficult the first time around but his twenty-eight week scan had shown their baby to be growing well.

The biggest surprise had been when he went to drop of the proposal at Nino’s apartment and Ohno had opened the door, wearing a t-shirt, boxer shorts and an extremely embarrassed expression. Snatching the folder out of Jun’s hand he’d practically shoved him back into the hallway while promising to pass it on, before Jun even realised what had happened.

Jun decided that a warm bath and an early night was exactly what he needed as Sho wouldn’t be home until at least midnight. He chuckled to himself as he recalled Ohno’s horror at being caught out at Nino’s place. There was no way that he would breathe a word to anyone, especially Aiba. He knew that for some reason Nino wanted to keep their relationship mostly private and he was determined to do his best to keep it that way.


The apartment was in darkness when Sho snuck in, leaving his bag in the entryway. He stopped and grabbed a bottle of water from the kitchen before quietly padding into the bedroom. Jun had left a nightlight on for him so that he didn’t trip over anything in the dark. Jun had made this room into a cosy cave, with heavy light blocking velvet curtains and luxurious jewel-toned fabrics for the bed coverings. It was an extremely restful, yet still seductive room that seemed to embody Jun’s sensual nature perfectly.

Jun had obviously been too tired to bother pulling back the covers and was instead sprawled across the bed, wearing only his silky bathrobe.

It had come undone revealing his pale smooth skin which almost glowed in the soft light, the gold locket hanging from his neck that had been Sho’s engagement gift glittering warmly against the dark purple fabric of his robe.

Jun was completely naked under the robe, his belly protruding through the gap at the front. There was a bottle of almond oil sitting on the bedside cabinet as if he’d been planning to massage the oil into his growing bump but sleep had obviously overtaken him before he could manage it.

Sho removed his jacket and shirt, planning to have a shower, but he stopped to gaze at his beautiful husband for a moment.

Sho had missed Jun more than he’d imagined possible while he’d been away even though it had only been a few days and was suddenly unable to resist the opportunity to reconnect intimately with not only his husband but in some way with his unborn child as well.

He poured some of the oil onto his palm and rubbed his hands together to warm the liquid before gently stroking it over Jun’s belly. As he worked the oil into Jun’s skin he felt a kick against his hand from the baby who was perhaps enjoying the attention. The robe fell open revealing Jun’s cock laying against his thigh and Sho couldn’t resist the temptation, slicking more oil onto his hand before stroking it firmly, pleased as it began to swell in his hand.

“Ngh…Sho?” Jun mumbled as his eyes fluttered open. “What…aah,” his words ended in a gasp as he felt Sho’s hand slide off his cock and slip further down circling around his hole while Sho looked at him questioningly.

“I’m home,” Sho said softly as he kissed Jun’s hip and nuzzled the sweetly fragranced skin of his belly.

“W-welcome home,” Jun replied nodding his assent to Sho's actions, his back arching up off the mattress as Sho slipped the tip of his finger past the tight ring of muscles, sending a jolt up his spine.

Sho hastily removed the remainder of his clothes and slid the robe the rest of the way off Jun’s shoulders before pulling his still sleepy husband onto his lap. He grabbed the lube from the drawer and poured a generous amount onto his hand and recommenced slowly stretching Jun open as he whispered words of love into his ear.

Jun shivered as Sho’s hot breath puffed against the side of his neck. As he leant into Sho’s body he felt the press of his heated member against his back.

After pushing the pillows out of the way and folding the silk bedspread down to the end of the bed. Sho turned Jun around with great care, lifting him by the hips into a kneeling position so that he could grip the ornate headboard at the top of the bed. He stroked his hand down the curve of Jun’s spine as he rubbed the tip of his cock against his carefully stretched hole.

Jun gasped and arched his back as he felt Sho's thick cock pushing into his body. He was still not quite awake but he couldn't help surrendering to the pleasure that shot up his spine like a zap of electricity.

Sho paused, pressing kisses to the back of Jun's shoulders, waiting for Jun to adjust to the slightly painful sensation as he stretched him open. When he felt Jun relax he began gentle movements of his hips, thrusting shallowly into him as Jun made small mewling noises as he pressed back against his pelvis.

"You make it impossible to not want to take you every time I see you like this," Sho said as he continued to make small rocking movements against Jun's ass, stroking Jun's belly as he licked the side of his neck. "You were so sexy, all half naked and sleepy. It makes me want to do such things to you..."

"Ngh..Sho...feels so g-good," Jun gasped, now wide awake and needing more sensations than the gentle rocking was providing.

Their bodies moved as one as they undulated together, Sho pressing against Jun's back as he moved his hands up to clasp Jun's own hands where he was tightly gripping the headboard weaving their fingers together.

Sho freed one hand and caressed Jun's smooth skin, lingering on his nipples before moving down to stroke his swollen belly before finally settling on Jun's cock. He gripped it firmly enjoying the satin softness of the skin covering the heated steely hardness below.

He switched to stroking with feather-light touches, causing Jun to whine with displeasure as he eagerly sought more friction than Sho would allow.

“S-Sho,” Jun gasped.

“What baby?” Sho replied, slowing down even further as he teased his husband. “I won’t know what you want unless you ask me.”

In response Jun growled and clenched tightly around Sho’s length, causing Sho to moan and close his eyes as he almost lost control of himself and pounded into his husband with all the force he was trying desperately to hold himself back from using. “Jun, what are you trying to do to me?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Jun said, turning his head to look over his shoulder at Sho with a smouldering gaze before catching his bottom lip between his teeth and blinking innocently.

“I am completely helpless against you,” Sho groaned as he surrendered to Jun’s desire for him to move faster and harder.

He moved his hands down to Jun’s hips, gripping them tightly with trembling fingers as he began to snap his hips forwards with force. After dreaming of this moment through the three seemingly endless days that he’d spent in Osaka Sho had wished to prolong the pleasure for as long as possible, but this was not part of Jun's plan.

Sho adjusted the angle of his body as he thrust upwards into Jun, satisfied that he’d found the right spot when Jun gripped the bed head tight enough to make his knuckles turn white and began to make the kind of noises that went straight to his dick.

“Is this hard enough for you?” Sho grunted as he pounded into Jun pushing him forwards with each thrust of his hips. He was careful to hit that same spot every time, making Jun let out strangled moans with every movement.

At this pace neither of them would last long, but Sho could contain himself no longer. He released one of his hands from Jun's hips and wrapped it around Jun's bulging belly, shuddering with guilty pleasure as he felt the taut skin giving slightly under his fingertips. He found Jun's pregnant belly to be the most erotic thing he'd ever seen and had jerked off on the shower to thoughts of it every night while he was away, but he planned to keep that a secret even from Jun himself.

As he clasped Jun's belly Sho's fingers brushed against the head of Jun's cock making Jun cry out in frustration. "Shh baby, I know you can come without me touching you," Sho said in Jun's ear before biting lightly on the side of his neck.

"N-no, I can't," Jun gasped.

"What if I do this?" Sho asked before reaching up and pinching Jun's nipple sharply.

Jun jerked backwards leaning into Sho's chest as his spine arched reflexively at the sensation.

“Or this?” Sho growled as he tweaked the other and bit down on Jun’s shoulder at the same time.

“Oh!” Jun let out a surprised sound at the sudden overstimulation and then he was coming, his release covering his belly and coating the bed head at the same time.

Sho continued to thrust into him, holding Jun’s waist tightly to support him as Jun’s legs began to fold beneath him before he too was coming with a cry, his hips jerking convulsively as he filled Jun with his own release.

Sho sank down onto the bed, carefully lowering Jun’s limp and trembling form with him; wrapping him in his arms and pressing breathless kisses to his lips.

“I missed you so much,” Jun said as he buried his face into the side of Sho’s sweaty neck.

“And I missed you two even more,” Sho said as he stroked Jun’s belly lightly with the tip of one finger. “Ever since you left me I have trouble sleeping alone so I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep once I get us and the bed sorted out.”

“You don’t have to worry about us leaving again; you are definitely stuck with us,” Jun murmured sleepily, placing his hand over Sho’s and squeezing it comfortingly.


Sho sighed with happiness as he finally lay down next to Jun and pulled the covers up under his chin, feeling his aching muscles slowly relax.

He'd cleaned up both the bed and an overtired and mostly uncooperative Jun, tucking him into clean sheets with a loving kiss before going to take his own shower.

Climbing into his own comfortable bed after three nights of sleeping on a hard hotel mattress was sheer bliss and exhaustion dragged him down to sleep almost immediately.

But Sho was woken soon after by Jun’s restless movements beside him as he shifted his own position in bed every couple of minutes, often accompanied by a sigh and a quiet mutter of displeasure.

Sho was instantly alert, sitting up abruptly and switching on the bedside lamp; worried that their lovemaking had been too hard on Jun in his current condition. “What’s wrong? Is it the baby? Did I hurt you?”

Jun stopped frowning and wriggling as a slight blush made his cheeks turn pink. “I’m perfectly fine. I just can’t sleep.”

As he reached out and stroked Jun’s hair Sho asked, “But why? Can I do something to help?”

“It’s stupid, just go back to sleep.”

“What’s stupid?”

“I’m hungry. Or to be more precise, your cherry tomato is hungry. I can’t sleep because of the wriggling and kicking,” Jun said with a wince after a particularly hard kick to what felt like his kidney.

“It’s not stupid. If you’re hungry, you’re hungry. What can I get you?” Sho asked eagerly as he hauled himself out of bed.

“That’s what’s stupid,” Jun said looking down at his hands. “I really feel like some strawberry ice cream with tomato slices on top and hot chocolate sauce and nuts.”

Sho’s face turned slightly green. “Tomato and hot chocolate sauce? Together? Really?”

“Mmm, doesn’t it sound wonderful?” Jun asked with a dreamy expression.

“Um…if you say so,” Sho replied. “One strawberry tomato chocolate sundae coming right up.”

After hastily pulling on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt Sho shuffled into the kitchen and began searching the fridge and freezer for Jun’s desired ingredients. After five minutes of hopeless rummaging the only thing he’d been able to find from the list was the tomato. In fact, most of the fridge was filled with tomatoes and tomato-based products. It was as if Jun was holding a private tomato festival in his own home.

Sho shuffled back to the bedroom to grab his wallet and keys. “I just have to duck out to the twenty four hour supermarket and pick up a few things.”

Jun looked up at him sleepily before saying, “Oh and could you grab some tomato flavoured potato chips while you’re at it. I think they would be better crumbled on top rather than the nuts.”

“Riiight.” Sho wasn’t even going to think about what this concoction would taste like if he ever managed to make it.


The tall glass was filled with pink ice cream layered with slices of ripe red tomato and chocolate sauce crowned by shards of crushed chips.

Sho was quite proud of his handiwork and had taken great care in buying the best quality ingredients possible. Even though his cooking skills were severely limited he was quite proud of his construction skills and he believed that he had done a magnificent job.

Jun was sitting up in bed with a cross expression on his face, pressing his hands to his belly as if trying to calm down their restless baby. “You’ve been ages. I’m starving.”

Sho knew from previous experience that when Jun’s eyebrows scrunched together like that he was in dangerous territory. He edged closer holding out the sundae like an offering to the gods, making sure not to catch Jun’s eye.

The glass was snatched from his hand along with the spoon with such speed that he didn’t even have time to flinch.

He looked up just in time to catch the blissful expression that replaced the cranky one on Jun’s face as he spooned up the first mouthful.

“Mmmm so goood,” Jun moaned as he licked the back of the spoon. His eyes were half closed with bliss as he savoured the taste. He noticed Sho looking at him with an unusual expression. “Would you like a lick?” he asked, holding out the revolting looking concoction in Sho’s direction.

Sho wanted to lick something at the moment, but it certainly wasn’t ice cream mixed with tomato and chocolate. The expression on Jun’s face and the sounds he was making were doing unexpected things to him in the trouser department. “Um, no,” he managed to say in a strangled voice before he dashed to the bathroom to take care of a certain problem he was having down below.


“Bye sweetheart. Don’t overdo things,” Sho said as he kissed Jun on the cheek as he dropped him off at the bakery. He was hoping that Jun would stop working soon; he was worried about him overtiring himself by being on his feet for hours at a time.

“You don’t have to worry, I’ll look out for him,” Ohno said as he came through to the front of the shop carrying a tray of fresh pastries. “Jun-kun could you ice the black and white cookies for me please? Chinen didn’t turn up again today; apparently he has some competition that he is writing a piece for. And make sure that you sit down at the bench while you’re doing it.’

This last comment earned him a glare and a slight eye roll from Jun on his way past, but a relieved look from Sho.

“While you’re here Sakurai-san would you like to join me for a coffee?” Ohno asked.

“I’d love to. I have a while before I have to be at work,” Sho replied looking longingly at the custard slices that Ohno had just brought through.

“And a slice as well,” Ohno added, catching Sho’s look of longing. “Don’t worry, I won’t let your husband know,” he added. They all knew that Jun had banned Sho from overstuffing himself once he had begun to gain more weight than his pregnant husband.

While Sho was waiting for Ohno to go and remove his apron and for the employee working the counter to make their coffee he sat and enjoyed the warm atmosphere of the cafe corner. The chairs were extremely comfortable and the mural was not only amusing but it definitely made him want to enjoy some of the tasty treats Jun had included in the painting.

“He did a wonderful job,” Ohno said as if reading Sho’s mind as he sat opposite him. “Since Jun worked his magic my eat-in sales have increased and everyone seems much happier, both staff and customers alike. You know, I think he has a real flair for design and colour. It’s as if he instinctively knows how to create the right atmosphere.”

They chatted about other things over their coffee and when Sho had left, taking a bag of milk buns with him for Nino and himself Ohno pulled his phone out of his pocket and headed back to his office.

“Nino? I’ve planted the seed, just like you asked me to,” Ohno said after closing the door in case Jun overheard. “Now you just have to use your powers of persuasion. Just like the way I used mine on you last night in bed,” he purred in a much deeper voice than usual holding the phone away from his ear as Nino’s cackle of laughter in response almost punctured his eardrum.


Sho handed Nino the bag of buns before he noticed the folders arrayed across his desk.

“Nino, what’s all this?”

“You asked me to find a local designer and get some ideas for the apartments,” Nino said casually as he bit into one of the fluffy baked goods.

“Oh, okay, let me have a quick look before we get down to work,” Sho said in a disinterested tone as he began to flick through the sketches, becoming more excited as he flipped the pages, gradually getting a mental picture of just how inviting the unpopular building could become with just the right touches. It didn’t even look as if the work required would be expensive, based as it was on accent colours and decorative touches and without making any major structural changes.

‘So…any good?” Nino asked as he tried not to smile at Sho’s excited expression.

“It’s exactly what we need. Can you arrange a meeting with this person as soon as possible?”

“Not a problem.”


Jun was packing up at the end of his shift four hours later when Ohno came up to him dressed in his street clothes flipping his car keys in his right hand.

“I’ll drive you,” Ohno offered.

“Don’t worry, I’ll just walk home as usual,” Jun replied. He used the twenty minute walk between the bakery and the apartment as his daily exercise enjoying the fresh air and sunshine as he dawdled along.

“Nino suggested that you go to the office and have an early lunch with Sakurai-san; apparently he is stressing about the improvements that need to be made to the apartments.”

“Oh, in that case I would be grateful if you could drive me, or I could just get a taxi if it’s too much trouble.”

“Um...I’d quite like the chance to take Nino out for some lunch at the same time,” Ohno said with a hint of a blush, for the first time freely admitting that he was in a relationship with the younger man.

“I think that Nino would enjoy that very much,” Jun replied with a smile of his own. "He seems really happy since you got back together."

"Nino has been hurt badly in the past and he wanted us to keep our relationship a secret until he was sure that we would work out together," Ohno said with the same dreamy expression that always appeared on his face when he spoke of the younger man.

Jun didn't have to ask if it was working out; the expression on Ohno's face said it all.


"So did you manage to get hold of the designer?" Sho asked as he tried to loosen his shoulders, stiff from hunching over his laptop all morning costing the renovations. The plan for the apartment building was perfect and he was keen to get started on the work as soon as possible; the longer the building stood empty the more money Sakurai Industries stood to lose.

"Yep and he should be here any minute now," Nino replied, checking his watch.

They both looked up as the door opened and Jun and Ohno entered; Nino's face immediately splitting into a gummy grin at the sight of his lover.

"Right. I'm off to lunch," he immediately announced as he took Ohno's hand and dragged him towards the door.

"But what about the meeting?" Sho asked. “When is that supposed to happen?"

"Right about now," Nino said over his shoulder as he shot out the door. "Sakurai-san, please meet Matsumoto-san, who is the person responsible for those plans on your desk. Have a good meeting."

"This is your work?" Sho asked in puzzlement as he gestured to the plans. A moment later his conversation with Ohno came rushing back to him. Jun obviously had made some very good friends here.

"Y-yes," Jun replied hesitantly as Sho came out from behind his desk and pulled a chair out for him. He was unsure whether Sho was pleased or not.

Sho went to the tiny fridge in the corner and pulled out a can of tomato juice and a bottle of water, opening the lid and pouring the juice into a glass for Jun.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were doing this? Am I that scary?" Sho was looking quite hurt at the thought that Jun thought he might be angry at him trying to help.

"It wasn't like that," Jun said as he took a nervous gulp of his juice. "I don't have any qualifications or experience. I didn't think that you would take my ideas seriously if you knew it was me." Even though the idea of secrecy had been Nino's idea there was no way that he was going to put him in the firing line if there was a problem.

"Well, from what I can see, you had nothing to worry about, because I love your ideas," Sho said as a slow smile spread across his face. Far from being angry, his heart was swelling with pride at how far Jun had come over the last few months. "Sakurai Industries would like to hire you for the job and this is what we would like to pay you for your work," he added as he scribbled a figure on a piece of paper and slid it across the desk, thoroughly enjoying himself by now.

Jun’s eyes seemed to grow big enough to fill his entire face as he read the number that Sho had written there. "This much? For me? Just for this one job?"

"No, you misunderstand me. This is per week," Sho replied with a laugh.

Jun was suddenly finding it hard to breathe. His hand shook as he tried to reach for his glass. Sho noticed and immediately leapt up and picked it up for him, placing it in Jun's hand and holding both glass and hand steady as Jun took a sip.

The only concern Sho had was that Jun might overdo things considering how heavily pregnant he was. “I hope you aren’t going to get carried away with this. The doctor was quite clear about you getting enough rest at this stage of your pregnancy.”

Jun looked up at him with wide and innocent eyes. “I’m only supervising; I don’t see how I could possibly become too involved.”

“Well, now that’s sorted, how about a celebratory lunch?” Sho asked eagerly; he knew just the perfect place nearby that served the most delicious shellfish.

“Um, I want to start working on this. How about ordering in?” Jun replied, already shuffling through the papers and making mental notes about what needed to be done.

Sho sighed in defeat and rummaged in his desk drawer for menus, wondering if he had just done something that he was possibly going to regret later.

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Date: 2017-05-16 09:34 am (UTC)
mae74: (Default)
From: [personal profile] mae74
Yeah! Ohno and Nino are okay and Sho and Jun are so cute! Bring on baby 👶

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Date: 2017-05-16 05:31 pm (UTC)
lilly0: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lilly0
Look how far these two came and how the progressed <3 Jun working out a plan to improve the apartment, and Sho liking it, and giving Jun this job. It was a nice plan from Nino, but it also shows that Sho really does have faith in Jun's abilities and he really grew, and listens to Jun now. Jun matured too <3 (loved his craving for this weird tomato-ice drink *lol*)
And may I just add that the Ohmiya pieces are so cute? I'm happy they made up and are working things out (and lol at Ohno being embarrassed when Jun found out he stayed at Nino's apartment :D)

Thanks so much for this update <3

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Date: 2017-05-18 03:44 am (UTC)
akhikaru: (Default)
From: [personal profile] akhikaru
This is a very nice chapter :D
I'm glad Sho is taking Jun seriously about the job! It seems Jun might turn out to be a workaholic though??? He's already showing signs xD
Also, I love how everyone has tomato stuff for Jun's cravings now hahahaha!
Loved Nino helping Jun <3 Also Ohmiya!!! They were so sweet in this chapter :3
Thanks for the update! :D :D :D Waiting for the next one!

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Date: 2017-05-19 10:14 am (UTC)
cielmelodies: (Default)
From: [personal profile] cielmelodies
Jun is going to hurt himself, definitely. YES SHO, you will regret it soon. I can see it ending not well. Workaholic Jun will strike once again. I hope Sho can make him see some sense before it doesn't end too well. If not well...
we'll get to see overprotective everyone :D


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Date: 2017-05-20 08:04 pm (UTC)
yuuki_73: Ninomiya Kazunari (Default)
From: [personal profile] yuuki_73
is admirable how Jun insists in be active during his pregnancy! He wanna be productive!
I don't think that I would have his stamina if I was pregnant!!!
And Sho's kinky over Jun's belly is so perfect! I think that most pregnant person are insecure about weight.
I am a sucker for Nino's gummy grin dokidoki

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Date: 2017-05-21 01:59 pm (UTC)
leiva21: (Default)
From: [personal profile] leiva21
Midnight craving! Craving in pregnancy is never been written enough in any fic, so good that this appears here XD At least tomato are easy to find instead of craving something rare XD I wonder though what it taste like if it was put on an ice cream; might taste like grapes? lols

I'm proud of Jun! Sho is acknowledging his talent and want to hire him. Although I hope he'll ease up his work, seems like the baby want to see the world soon XD


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